Want Agency Showroom Sale

— Tue, 22nd May 2012 —

Thursday and Friday, 5/24-5/25, Want Agency is hosting its seasonal showroom sale featuring up to 75% off everyone’s favorite Swedish brands, including Acne, Filippa K, and Nudie. FYI, reader reaction to past sales has varied greatly.

Want Agency Showroom Sale – 127 Grand St btw Broadway & Crosby – 11am-8pm Daily – CASH ONLYMap

  1. This sale blows :-O Way overpriced, sparse selection

    Mick Swagger

  2. These brands are stupid. Way overpriced for no reason; terrible quality, terrible prints/patterns/cuts. $100 for a name, on a shitty tag, that no one will ever see.

    scumbag steve

  3. ACNE and Nudie have good stuff. I don’t know the other brand or this sale.


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  5. Anyone know what is up with Steven Alan? Should’ve had his sale by now.

  6. Last time they had some interesting stuff from the Acne mainline.This time however, is a total bust, just plain bad…

    The sample sales this season have been pretty sucky I must say, except for Patrik Ervell and Siki Im…

  7. Not fantastic, but there are some good deals on denim, if you need it. Not great deals, but $75 for Nudie jeans is a good price. The best reliable deal for Nudie denim, however, is Scoop’s end-of-season sales, which see them drop to $40-$80.

    The ACNE shit was underwhelming, though not terrible. A few jackets, but the prices should have been better for the caliber of the pieces.


  8. There’s plenty of ACNE denim too, though it wasn’t clear to me how much was for men and how much for women…


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