Barking Irons Moving Sale

— Tue, 19th June 2012 —

This is great. For the first time in a long time, Barking Irons is hosting a sale, and we’re told it’s a big one. Thursday through Saturday, 6/21-6/23, expect up to 80% off wovens, polos, pull-overs, tees, and jewelry. Also, on Friday from 7pm-9pm, they’ll be serving beer and wine.

Also! The first 20 guys who buy something (anything), get a free tee with one of the brand’s bad-ass prints. (Retail price: $40.) Just remember to mention the “The Beggar” at checkout.

Barking Irons Moving Sale – 161 Bowery btw Broome & Delancey – 4th fl – Thur 11am-7pm, Fri 11am-9pm, Sat 11am-7pm – 212-226-1107 – Map

  1. I stopped by this afternoon and had a good run of it – nice selection and really nice guys. I picked up a few t-shirts and polos (really interesting prints/detailing and very nice fits) and a couple of pairs of pants. There are only a few pairs, and they’re all in the 29-30 range. It’s worth a trip for the shirts, and it’s definitely worth checking out the pants if you’re there.

  2. i went today and i bought a nice t-shirt for 18 dls that was a selection of nice prints and polos and the guys are very nice.


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