Brunello Cucinelli Overstock Sale

— Tue, 5th June 2012 —

Through Friday, 6/8, head over to 58th Street for 60% off Brunello Cucinelli overstock. No sign of Michael Bastian stock, this year. Also, be warned: Even at these discounted prices, Cucinelli’s fine sportswear — typically in sizes 46-to-58 — will set you back. Here‘s how past events went down.

Michael Bastian/Brunello Cucinelli Sale – 150 E. 58th St btw 3rd & Lex – 3rd Fl – 212-750-2990 – 9am-5pm Daily – Map

  1. You know what you’re getting with this sale which is probably well…nothing.
    Even at 60%, retail is so brutally high that there is really nothing to buy that would be considered a good deal at this sale I mean I love this brand but even I had to gasp at a $350 plain grey cotton t-shirt.
    In fact, given the wealth of sample/overstock sales where you actually can find reasonably affordable items, this particular one almost doesn’t make any sense. But hey, can’t hurt to look.
    There was one rack of ooooooooooollllllldddddd Bastian (from the first couple collections) but tinily sized.
    The discount will probably increase by Friday, but unless you have multiple thousands of dollars to spend on cashmere jackets, you’re better off skipping this one.


  2. The sale hit 80% off yesterday when the sales staff said they were practically giving it away, will markdowns hit 90% today?

  3. 90% off is about the only way I’d stop by with such high retail. Anyone know? Is there a number to call to find out?


  4. I went today at 1:30 and it was 80%, scored a gorgeous tie for $30 Doubt, doubt itwill hit 90% off

  5. Tie for $30? Sounds like it was worth it. What were shirts and slacks going for?


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