Isaia Sample Sale

— Mon, 25th June 2012 —

Tuesday through Friday, 6/26-6/29, Isaia‘s official sample sale is going down in lower mid-town. Expect up to 75% off the highest quality suits, sport coats, shirts, ties, knits, trousers, … Past sales have included lightweight wool charcoal suits with blue deco stripe, classic grey pinstripe suits, and windowpane pattered suits all down from $3,100 to about $900; lightweight, water and wrinkle resistant cashmere sport coats down from $3,400 to $800; and cotton pinstriped and solid white dress shirts down from $400 to $130. Here‘s what just such an event looks like.

Official Isaia Napoli Sample Sale – 225 5th btwn 26th & 27th – Tues-Thurs 10am-7pm, Fri 10am-1pm – Map

  1. One word-WOW!!!!!! If you own any Isaia or are in the market for more?
    AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, GORGEOUS pair of tan slim penny loafers-sz 9…I wear an 11 1/2…someone’s gonna get
    an unbleievable pair of loafers.
    Suits, sportcoats, outerwear (rain coats, bubble vests, sude jackets, leather jackets, wool n cashmere topcoats), shirts, sweaters, belts, shoes, ties, pocket ROUNDS, bow ties, polo shirts, cardigans…trousers…ENJOY!!!!


  2. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send someone to review this. It would mean the world to me.

  3. Fantastic sale. Tons of staples like solid charcoal and navy in 48/50/52/54 (euro sizing). Lots of good looking sportcoats too. It’s getting cleaned out fast though so I’d go sooner than later. I showed up at maybe 10:05 and it was already getting full.

    Suits are somewhere around 900, overcoats are 750-900 (900=cashmere), and shirts are 150. Plenty of pants, shoes (if you’re size 6.5-10) and lots of ties at I think 60.

  4. Shoes were $200 I think. Mostly loafers and some more fashion-forward wingtips. Lots of suede shoes including desert boots.

    Looked like they had all shirt sizes but honestly if you’re just going for shirts I wouldn’t make the trip. No real conservative colors or patterns, mostly crazier stuff. I guess if you’re not looking for boring white or blue stripe shirts (I was) then maybe have a go.

  5. The shoes were ALL 8.5 IT — which is fantastic if you wear a 9.5 US, like me. All were $200.

    One of the best sales I’ve been to in a while. Only came out with two pairs of shoes, but the overcoats were spectacular as well. Get over there quickly if you’re in the area — lots of finance folk in the room carrying around 5-6 suits each.

  6. thanks john, like you, i intended to look for the more boring shirts..

  7. shoes are $200. good selection of Suede chukkas and shortwings, all with dainite soles.
    Shirts have three or four 15″ necks left but a good selection above that.
    tie selection kinda weak compared to past years, but still a decent selection of striped ties. Silk and cashmere.
    LOTS of pocket rounds.
    Selection of suits and jackets was good for Euro size 50 and up. They have Corralorosso, mainline Isaia and some other brand.

  8. Suit-wise, they have Isaia as well as Corallorosso and Michelangelo. The latter two are made in a factory Isaia owns. In short, same fit and style….no coral pin, slightly lesser fabrics. But at $450? Still better than any other suits you can buy at that price or even at TWICE that price. Save for Isaia at THIS very sale-lol…I mean Banana Republic sells $600 suits. It’s NUTS!
    rant over.


  9. ANY CORAL PINS? Can you just pop one off and take it?


  10. Stuff is going fast. I picked up a black Aquaspider joint in 50R. They had a couple of those, and a couple of dark grays and pinstripes. A blue suit or two. Not a lot of the check cashmere things you see in Barneys, though they had a handful of single coats like that.

    A salesman said they had stocked S bodies and G (“Gregory”) bodies, but the Gregories were depleted in the first hour.

    There were a couple of very soft and thin leather coats for, if I’m not mistaken, around $550. Strange colors — pea green and hot orange — but still pretty dope. Semi-hidden gems.

    Shirts were an unimpressive $150. Some not-bad choices, a couple of linens. A good amount of ties.


  11. Ties were at 60? That’s a bit steep. Does anyone know if they plan on talking markdowns on ties?

  12. “Basic” suits were ~$995, 7 fold ties $65, trousers $150, sneaker $100, shoes $200, sports coats ~$545, overcoats ~$500-$750 and the cashmere stuff up from there. Overall, some pretty nice stuff. Picked up some ties and shoes. All the shoes state 8.5 IT however I’d figured to try a few as they looked larger and got lucky, I wear US 11. Got there at 10:10 and like the other guy said, place was jammed. Only one dress room. If they don’t restock, you’re pretty much out of luck by now. There’s no way they will have anything tomorrow so don’t waste your time unless you’re in the area.

  13. Do they historically mark down later in the week? I saw three identical “basic” suits in my size- perhaps worth the risk to see if at least one lasts long enough for a mark down…

  14. No idea on the markdowns. I would venture to say, the xtra small puke green T-shirt might get marked down at some point but can’t see that happening with the suits, could be wrong though. Inventory was moving fast and word travels faster. You can google this sale and get a few hits. If you like it, buy it. Top notch off the rack stuff at these levels. Hugo Boss suit or Isaia? no brainer. Construction and fabrics are quite nice as you would expect. You’ll be hard pressed to get custom in these materials at these prices.

  15. they have good sizes from 48 to 56 european, 50 EU = 40 US
    selection is ok,
    prices seem ok also considering retail tags but still are pretty high

    shirts, that are going for 150, even though are of decent quality reminded me of Banana Republic in colors and patterns

    there were some nice distinct suits and jackets

    shoes — only small sizes are left, evening of June 26, unless they restock later

    most of the items are from old collections, but Isaia makes traditional menswear and it wouldn’t make a difference when suit is made


  16. Just got back. No price drops (not yet anyway) and definitely no restocks (confirming what others have said). I picked up a gray blazer and a few bowties. I saw them moving around some bags. Not sure if they were new to the sale or not. There are still a bunch of suits in a variety of sizes, but all are pretty standard solid colors.

  17. giggity – there are 10-15 size 50s (40 US). I didn’t check the 48s as those are too small for me.

  18. I got an email today stating that there are “further reductions on select items” No idea what that means in terms of actual pricing. Hoping someone can report back.

  19. Awesome, would love to know suit selection in euro 48 and prices.

  20. Was there for 5 min. Waste of time. Everything was very picked over.

  21. some stuff was marked down another 30%.. but there just really wasn’t anything good looking left at all. some black suits in size 52-54, almost 0 worth mentioning in a sz 48. I’d skip it now.

  22. What is there in terms of ties? How big is the selection? Will it be marked down?

  23. there was a fair selection of ties i suppose…. lots of plaids. i didnt catch the prices. was upset i wasted the time going i left without checking the other stuff non suit/blazer items.

  24. How many were there that weren’t plaid? I’m not much of a plaid person. I believe the prices were either $65 or $60.

    On another random note, is the building relatively close to the Empire State Building? I’m trying to map out my route when I go tomorrow.

  25. There might have been a few non-plaid as of yesterday.. .but can’t be certain. I was on my vespa so it took only a couple minutes to get there from 40th and 7th, but from the ESB, it’s only about a 8min walk. Down 7 blocks straight south on 5th.

  26. Prices are down to 90% off. Just picked up a blazer and 2 suits


  27. That’s funny. I took the trek down today and as of 9AM, the whole sale had been sold out. So much for my first sample sale…

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