J.Crew Sample Sale

— Fri, 15th June 2012 —

You want samples? We’ll give you samples. Tuesday through next Sunday, 6/19-6/24, 260 5th is hosting another J.Crew sample sale (officially) featuring up to 60% off tons of samples and overstock. As many readers agreed, the last such event was the best J.Crew sale to hit NYC in years, as it featured 90% off suits and jackets made of Loro Piana wool, eight racks of wovens and dress shirts, and hard-to-find sample patterns.

J. Crew Sample Sale – 260 5th Ave btw 28th & 29th – Tues-Sat 10am-8pm, Sat 12am-5pm – Map

  1. Re Monday F&F, 260 5th kept a VERY tight guest list last time, only letting in a handful of VIPs. Without knowing your particular powers of persuasion and manipulation, we give you a less than 2% chance of getting in, today/Monday.

    The Beggar

  2. I went to the last sale and it was a huge bust. Definitely no suits for 90% off. No idea where that info came from. Look at the comments on the last sale.

  3. Not much for guys. Perhaps 50 blazers in assorted sizes, 95% blue narrow lapel 2 button.$110
    200 plus shirts. A couple of racks of sweater, 200 total cashmere $90. (MALO had better deals)
    100 pants.
    10 pairs of shoes
    bought 3 ties $15 per.
    sales staff wanted to talk to anyone who got in….
    my advice, only if yo’re bored or looking for a ok deal. nothing compared to Gant

  4. Any slim ludlow suits in 40R? Or blazer/pant suit separates that ate match able?

  5. Didn’t have time to wait in line, loads of people getting anxious and it is starting to sprinkle. With all of the poor sales lately I am apt to to wait and see if there’s anything decent once the line shrinks.


  6. How does the men’s selection look like? Any 38 or medium blazers? Thanks

  7. you are a 38? look out for bubu – he eats dudes your size for breakfast


  8. 1. Yes, there are 38R/40R suits. I walked away with three (Cotton Navy, Wool Navy, Cotton Khaki), but you have to hunt to match a jacket to pants

    2. Yes, there are Thomas Mason Shirts, I walked away with 2.

    3. Ties/Accessories almost non-existant at this point.

    4. TONS of shirts. xs-xxl

  9. Not that many outerwear & pants.
    No accessories left.
    Lots of t-shirts and shirts.

    I grabbed lots of polos and sweaters.
    Even though last year’s sale was better I would say my trip was worth it.

    I heard they are keep re-stocking, so if you have free time I would recommend to visit!

  10. ugh i couldnt find the matching pants to the cotton suit jackets!
    did walk away with a complete wool ludlow suit


  11. also even if the line is to the corner like it was for me, its only about a 10 minute wait


  12. Been interested in getting a ludlow suit for a while, anyone happen to see 38s? Thanks…

  13. Walked away with a khaki chino suit jacket, had to say no to the linen. 38Rs and 36Rs

  14. Anybody went this morning? Have they restocked the men’s selection?

  15. Any Thomas Mason shirts XS left? What’s the price?


  16. a bit of restocking in the suits area. some more winter wool blazers


  17. Finally had the time to wait in line today and only walked away with a hoodie. There were very few shirts to be found but a TON of sweaters. There is a variety of sizes and styles but don’t hold your breath for shirts…. was rather disappointed.


  18. Yo jerky boy- You weren’t complaining last night about my girth.

  19. Anyone go today or know if there are still Thomas mason shirts or dress pants?

  20. @Joel what are these so called dress pants you speak of? Do you refer to slacks? khakis? denim jeans? 0_o

  21. dress pants. are they pants or a dress? IDONTEVENUNDERSTAND

  22. @ace ughhhhhh that depends on your size/style/preferences/likes/dislikes…. im gonna go out a limb and say yeah, there is probably a pretty good chance that there is something “good” left.

  23. Yeaterday I was told that there was no further restock. Also not much left in pants or button down shirts. Some sweaters and polos, small rack of swim suits. I found nothing that great.

  24. Anyone been to the sale today? How are selection for men? Slim picking or still some good stuff?

  25. went today and practically nothing left for men-an awful selection. No button-ups, some crappy shirts and defect pants. The selection earlier in the week was 1,000x better.

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