Levi’s Made & Crafted / Vintage Clothing Sample Sale

— Wed, 27th June 2012 —

Whoa, Nelly. Thursday and Friday only, 6/28-6/29, Levi’s Made & Crafted and Levi’s Vintage Clothing will be hosting a sample sale featuring deep discounts on sturdy jeans, tees, shirts, sweaters, shorts, and jackets. This stuff is the real deal. Prices start at just $20 for premium denim. Also, expect tops for $20-$75 (down from $79-$198), and jackets for $75-$300 (down from $285-$850).

Levi’s Made & Crafted / Vintage Clothing Sample Sale – 236 W. 27th St btw 7th & 8th, 14th Fl – 10am-4pm Daily – Map

  1. horrible hours =( did they purposely do that so people who have work can’t come? jeez

  2. I have high expectations for this sale. VERY HIGH. Higher than I am right now; and I just smoked a huge joint.

    Lee Jeans

  3. Just got back from the sale and thought it was pretty good. They opened before 10 which was awesome. Wound up getting a black motorcycle jacket for $200 (retail $950). Lots of jeans but seemed like if you were a size 32/33 then this sale is in your wheelhouse.

    Sample Jeans $65
    Irregular (just refers to the wash) $40
    Non-denim $50
    Woven shirts $60
    Sweaters $60
    T-shirts $20 (I also spotted a $5 and $10 box)
    Shorts/skirts $45
    Jackets $100
    Leather $200

    Started to get crowded by the time I left. Cashier said they would be open until 5pm today and only thing they might be re-stocking is women’s apparel.


  4. Hey bubu,

    I did see larger sizes (34-36) but didn’t see as many as I did in the smaller range. Everything was pretty organized so whatever sifting you need to do should be relatively painless. Hope that helps.


  5. A few larger sizes. A ton of lvc 501 xx, 501z in a few washes in the 28-34 waist range. A small number of lvc khakis, maybe 7-8 leather jackets.

  6. prices are a bit steep, but there is tons of selvedge available and some very nice shirts, the staff is super helpful and there are fitting rooms.

    happy gilmore

  7. fit of these jeans were awful when i tried them on this morning. too baggy or too long. ended up leaving with nothing.

  8. While I was there, they offered a 20% discount on entire purchase if paid with cash.

  9. yeah this was too pricey for a sample sale for levi’s which you can wait for macys to have a sale


  10. Ay Papi, what the hell 🙁 they didn’t mention it earlier to me. I actually bought a ton of stuff.

  11. Not sure what the naysayers are talking about, but this is a great sale. And please let’s not mix the two brands up LVC aint standard, Levis. LVC is, for lack of a better term, “the shiznit”. And Made & Crafted is aight as well. I don’t even think they sell these lines at Macy’s. And for denim that retails for 260 in stores, 50 or 60 bucks is kind of a steal. I dunno. . . Maybe I’m nuts, but it’s worth swinging by for sure.

    You’ll be happy you did


  12. Yes I have to agree it was pretty good. I picked up a one of a kind leather, suede and fabric bag for 40 bucks. You can beat that when a bag like that never made it to production.

    Ben Official

  13. Fit of these jeans are not going to be perfect off the rack because you are supposed to shrink them down to your own size and craft them after a few washes. Makes it a bit tougher to buy if you don’t know what size you should actually be looking for per cut. Hence the need to buy about 1-2″ wider waist and 2″ longer length vs final ideal size.

    LVC Shrink to Fit

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