Rachel Comey Sample Sale

— Tue, 26th June 2012 —

Thursday and Friday only, 6/28-6/29, Rachel Comey is hosting her semi-annual sample sale featuring up to 75% her unique brand of hard-bottoms, along with select clothing and accessories.

Rachel Comey Sample Sale – St. Patrick’s Youth Center Gymnasium, 268 Mulberry St btw East Houston & Prince – Thurs 11am-8pm, Fri 11am-6pm – Map

  1. I didn’t see many 8s, or maybe I just didn’t look at them because they looked like childrens shoes. Mostly size 9 and 9.5. They are priced at $75 for one pair or $125 for two. They were all unorganized and scattered on the floor. about 30 or 40 pairs on the floor and the same amount in boxes against the wall. The mens shoes along the wall were $190. Nothing above size 12. womp womp.

  2. Just returned from this. I found the selection to be fairly good. Primarily in larger sizes 13, 11.5, 10.5, with a small number of shoes (both the disorganized past seasons stuff on the floor and the ss12 stuff up against the wall) in size 12. Many of the mens shoes are the Derringers in a variety of materials and styles.

    Last year prices dramatically reduced on the last day of the sale (it went for 3 days). So I would expect ss12 stuff to drop an additional 30 or 40 percent if I remember correctly.

    There is also a half rack of menswear priced generally at around $100 (Cardigans, hoodies, swim trunks etc).


  3. Oh, it should also be noted that there are many, many size 8.5, 9, etc. I have bigger feet so wanted to make it clear there are larger sizes available.



  4. For the menfolk, not nearly as good as the sample sale last winter. The boxes along the right-hand wall are current season styles for $150 a pair IIRC. I was disappointed seeing all that stock scattered in the middle of the floor, but I did find a pair of canvas oxfords for $75, so it was a successful enough trip for me.

    Looked like a lot more women’s stuff this time around. Ladies, have at it!

  5. If there aren’t many 9’s it may be because I bought them all. But I thought the selection was better than expected. Lot of women’s stuff and a lot of women. Men’s shoes along one wall (current season, in better shape) were 190. Shoes on the floor were 75 or two for 125, but some of them were beat up/scuffed/discolored. Prices ain’t great but they’re a lot better than retail. Ended up walking out with 3 pair. Probably no restock but there was a pretty wide range of stuff in sizes 8-11.

    Steez Buscemi

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