13th & Wolf Moving Sale

— Thu, 19th July 2012 —

Weren’t we just remarking on the surprising strength of mid-summer sales? Supporting our case, 13 & Wolf is hosting a big moving sale this Saturday, 7/21, featuring a “ton of new and pre-owned clothing and accessories,” we’re told. We’re talking: “Overcoats, suits, sportcoats, outerwear, sweaters, trousers, shirts, shoes, etc. … from brands like Rugger, Rose & Born, Kiton, Crockett & Jones, Stubbs & Wootton, Howard Yount, Sartoria Partenopea, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Rugby, Finamore, Incotex, Brunello Cucinelli, Mason’s, and much more.”

13th & Wolf Moving Sale – Lot behind Ristorante Savore on the SE corner of Spring and Sullivan – 12pm-6pm – Map

  1. About 10 blazers and 10 shirts in size 38. Other acessories ties shoes sweaters. Mostly gant and rugger. Not a huge selection but good stuff.

  2. I arrived at about 1:15 and was told a lot of stuff had gone. Can anyone advise on what was there in the first hour? I’m kicking myself, because they seemed to have good stuff, and I hope I didn’t miss any Cucinelli or Kiton.


  3. Great selection of goods (sz38). Had a great pair of Stubbs..just not my size. Great folks.

  4. So, today I did score a pair of Incotex pants for the objectively great price of $60.00. I took them straight to the tailor I like to use, who happens to be close enough by. While trying them on i found a ticket from Daffy’s in the pocket! The pants appear to have been bought at Daffy’s for $19.99 and resold at this sale for $60.00.

    I’m not sure how to feel about this. I try to put myself in the (very nice) shoes of the people who run this kind of business. “Would I do the same thing?” “Isn’t $60.00 still a great price?” “I could have gone to Daffy’s myself, but didn’t.” Still, I wonder if this is entirely kosher. At the very least, the seller could have gone to the trouble to remove the Daffy’s ticket, so I could think I was making an unambiguously great score.


  5. Wow.
    The story Unsanforized has posted makes me think one simple thing: with this kind of business practice from 13th & Wolf the should be boycotted for good from this website.
    Perhaps is not illegal at all but in a despicable way of conducting business.

    samba rock

  6. damn….i would have thrown a fit Unsanforized….!! you should have blown them up!

  7. Dear Chase; Yes, you probably bought the Incotex for more than he paid for them. So what? You know the approx retail of Incotex, and how that compares to what you paid. You may also know, or if you don’t I can tell you, that there is nothing like that currently at Daffy’s. This is New York. There will always be someone with an angle you didn’t have, or who was in the right place at the right time when you weren’t. It would have been nicer had he removed it, but he didn’t. Such is life. Enjoy your pants as if you never discovered the tag.


  8. I think you’re talking to me, not Chase. Yes, I made all the same arguments you made when I wrote what I wrote. I’m not mad, I didn’t go back. It’s still a good price. Still, come on, it’s kind of weak sauce.

    One thing you wrote puzzles me: why wouldn’t I be able to find that kind of thing at Daffy’s now? It’s not all the time, but some Daffy’s carry Incotex and Mabitex pants for bizarrely low prices. The dude who ran this sale got them that way. So why do you say there’s nothing like that now at Daffy’s? (With that said, Daffy’s closing down this year.)


  9. I don’t think you can ban a store from the site for selling an item at a markup. That’s kind of the point right?

    If you want to root around all the trash at Daffy’s in the hopes of finding something good, you can do it. In this case, they apparently did the work for you and then resold the pants for what still seems to be a pretty good price compared to full retail.

  10. Daffy’s sells overstock and closeouts. They have some longstanding vendor relationships, but there has never been any guarantee of any particular label being in any store at any time. And in my most recent Daffys forays since the closing announcement, attractive pants were few to none.


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