Barneys Warehouse Sale

— Sat, 25th August 2012 —

Here she is, gentlemen. Yes, the Barneys Warehouse Sale got an early start online, this year, but the physical portion of the event is now on. As regular readers know, only the uninitiated crack their wallets before the serious markdowns emerge. Whenever you visit — if you visit — stay focused with a pre-made wish list; stick to your sizing sections; and know that prices drop precipitously over the course of the event. Here‘s what BWS looks like on Day 1 — and here‘s how severely the prices drop 12 days later.

Barneys Warehouse Sale – 255 W 17th St btwn 7th & 8th – Sat-Sun 8/25-8/26 9am-8pm, Mon-Wed 8-27-8/29 10am-9pm, Thurs-Fri 8/30-8/31 9am-9pm, Sat-Sun 9/1-9/2 9am-8pm, Mon 9/3 9am-7pm – 212-450-8400 – Map

  1. Does anyone know if pricing at the physical sale will be different this year? I thought maybe since it began online, markdowns might come sooner… maybe that’s wishful thinking?

  2. Keep wishing. ugh. Every year people complain about how bad the sale is getting, and this year it will be no different. The prices right now are the same as the end of season markdowns.


  3. In all seriousness, I thought this year was worse than usual. Of course the prices only drop near the end. But there was practically nothing there to buy at the beginning. Maybe some more stuff will be put out.

  4. No mark downs, and lots of sales help sitting around, standing around with not much to do. Even the men’s bin of socks was organized in neat lil stacks….

  5. I will be there on the 3rd of September (last day). Traditionally, is there anything worth purchasing on the last day for men. I am a sample size by the way (medium).

  6. There were some discounts (25% off) last night on ties, dress shirts, and (I think) outwear. But I left empty-handed.

  7. On the last day the pickings are slim in size M. Most designer stuff is gone. Lots of Barneys private label stuff, plaid button downs, and Michael Kors crap. This year, I suspect there will be lots of Canali left, as there is a ton of Canali garbage in the sale. Best bet would be for button downs and knits.


  8. The last day is a bit of a shit show. It seems like tons of guys from Staten Island have it marked on their calendars, or something. Stuff does get missorted and thrown around, so you can sometimes find unexpected things. But it is better to be there a few days before the last day. In all likelihood they will extend the sale by a week in any case. Also, this year the selection seems particularly bad, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up. But sometimes good stuff comes in in the middle of the sale.

  9. Ed- Medium shirts are pretty much cut down to Co-Op house line from 3 years ago by the last day. Unfortunately it’s a warehouse sale not a sample sale so there isn’t really an overload of sample sizes. It’s more just stuff that didn’t sell from spring-summer and past sales which is more in the L-XL-XXL spectrum.

    Steve- Yeah, I’m betting on an extra week as well. I’m thinking the restocking wont happen this year because there was no LA warehouse sale this year so there’s nothing more to truck in. I’m guessing when they decided on the one physical sale they sent everything (that didn’t sell online) NYs way instead of half and half as in years past.

  10. Thanks guys, i won’t get my hopes up. I figured there would be plenty of House brands and ugh Kors, hugo boss etc.. Hopefully I can get a few morsels.

  11. there was nothing worth buying on day 1. Prices were steep and the microscopic “designer” section consisted of brands like Anthony Morato — stuff that doesn’t even make the upstairs at Century 21.

  12. Adam–A lot of the stuff from the online warehouse sale went back up online at the “regular” discounts of 50-60%. If they sent it the NYC, the warehouse sale selection would have been better.

  13. 40% off outerwear. Got a Dolce and Gabbana plaid cotton bomber jacket for 250 down from 1195

  14. any additional markdowns to start the long weekend? Or still the same discounts that were being applied on Wed?

  15. I think dress belts in that size are hard to find now. I saw a bunch of belts in the 38-40 range last night. Anyone know if there’s additional markdowns today (Friday)? If not, they’re probably going to extend it another week I bet.

    Old Man Fancy

  16. Just passed by this afternoon,same 40% off ,small collection of denim,nothing much interesting.

  17. Stopped by this am. Looks like they made some fresh cuts. Casual pants/outerwear now 50% off. Shoes 25% off. Dress shirts/ties/accessories 40% off. Had to do a lot of digging, but found a few good things. Def not like last sale where I got a Paul Smith sweater for $18, but hey, it’s still a discount.

  18. I was there the first day no bargains ,I dint find a cashmere jacket by any stylist ,not as good as the previous years

    Carlo bianchi

  19. Anybody know if they have done their 2nd mark down yet? Last time I was there, it was 40% off on casual pants and casual outwear, 50% off on imperfects and everything else off 25%.

  20. I went last night (Friday). Slightly better discounts, 60% off imperfect. 40% off everything else mostly except sportcoats that were still a dismal 25%. Nothing yet off denim. I did see a few designer items that weren’t there the first week (got an amazing, simple calfskin black leather pant from Lanvin for $400 (down from like $3200.) Imperfect = a slight slight tear around ankle. Actually looks better with tear :). Had a couple Brunello Cucinelli/Isaia pieces in imperfect as well. I also got news that the sale will be EXTENDED until Wednesday so don’t expect basement pricing until Tuesday probably. That’s GOOD news for us that live in the city ;). Don’t have to deal w/ Labor Day hoards on Monday.

    Old Man Fancy

  21. Just got back. Still 25 off shoes, 50 off pants, 40 off sportswear and 25 off shoes. They did some minimal restocking this morning. I picked up a Black Fleece pair of shorts and a Moncler jacket.


  22. If anyone goes Monday morning, can you please let us know if there has been further reduction?

  23. 75% is just imperfects just left the sale now as they were putting up the new signs. Down to 60% on most things though.

  24. I think the cut got it wrong. The email from this morning and the official signs at the sale both say tomorrow (Tuesday 9/4) is the last day.

  25. I got there early monday and they were marking down to 60% while I was shopping, got some great items. But the good stuff was pretty much gone by the time I left (1:00) Still there are plenty of house brand shirts and sweaters but don’t think you are going to find any major treasures today. Items started flying off the rack once the staff started changing the signs to 60%.

  26. Picked up an Armani Collezioni suit in imperfects (it was already tailored) and a Ralph Lauren Black Label suit, both 44R, for $400 each yesterday. Found both after 3 hours of rooting through much too much Barney’s brand stuff. Nothing of worth in jeans, sweaters or dress shirts.

  27. You called it right raven. I did about 4 rounds in each section and after weeding through the crap I found a nice rag & bone jacket, Henley and shorts, and a pair of shipley & halmos pants. The shoes in my size were horrible, the dress pants were mainly hugo boss and house brands. The ties were ugly imo. I think there are still some great suits remaining but you better hurry if they are open one last day because they were flying off the shelves. I now regret buying that Armani Collezioni suit for $400. 🙁

  28. Yeah, I think today (Tues) is the last day according to sales staff. Either way, if you wanted anything at all, today’s the day to jump in. Hopefully someone can post an update on %’s. I braved the crowds yesterday (the check-out line snaked all the way to the make-shift dressing rooms!) and came away w/ a Margiela wallet for $52, a $195 pair of Etro knee-high socks for $3, another cashmere grey sock from Barney’s for $3 ($88), a Dries silk hanky for $24. I don’t know about y’all but I’ve found this sale to be surprisingly good. As we all know, you just have to put in the work, dig and repeat. I found my best stuff after a second drive-by. And you’d be shocked at how much of the good stuff is just laying around in the dressing room:).

    Old Man Fancy

  29. The discounts are unchanged from yesterday (Monday). I just got back and shoes are still 50 off, sportswear 60 off. I asked two different sales people and they insisted that there would not be any more markdowns. Last year, the shoes went 60 off in the afternoon, so it might be worth checking later.


  30. Seems like Barney’s lets a new intern decide their sales strategy every year. Adding a day only to keep prices the same doesn’t seem like a good way to clear out stock that’s been on the racks for 3-4 seasons. Oh well, let’s hope his classmate can do better in February.

  31. will stop by again after work tonight…picked up one out of the fleet of michael bastian for barneys grey windowpane sport jackets and some piombo ties.

    bummed to have missed out on the balenciaga tan leather jackets that surfaced mid sale. they were awesome.

  32. grabbed one of the Bastian pieces as well.

    What happens to all this stuff after the sale?

  33. A lot of the leftover stuff goes back into the basement, and will resurface at the next sale. Some sometimes goes to Loehmanns.

  34. Oh for the days when the Burberrys and Hickey Freemans would come raining down in Sym’s once the Barney’s sale was over.

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