Louis Purple Sample Sale

— Thu, 2nd August 2012 —

Our friends at Louis Purple on Lafayette St. recently decided to focus exclusively on made-to-measure. As such, the shop needs to part with its ready-made (ready-to-wear, off-the-rack) stock. The event is going down Friday through Monday, 8/3-8/6. “These are our very last samples…Everything must be gone by Monday!” we’re told. (Translation: Bring your negotiating skills.) Officially, suits will be priced at $300; jackets and raincoats at $150; cufflinks at $45; etc.

Louis Purple – 323 Lafayette St btw E. Houston & Bleecker – 212-219-8559 – Map

  1. Anybody know how their OTR suits quality/fit? I’ll try to stop by but don’t want to waste my time if it’s questionable.

    Thanks all.

  2. They have some nice stuff, expect an italian narrow fit. One of those suits for $300 is a good deal though I couldnt find something in my size. I will consider them for a MTM suit, they have nice threads.

  3. They have decent stuff. but a very limited stock. Again, DECENT. If you are a tough size, then you should get a made to measure suit from these guys. I found the cut and fabric quality to be a bit below par. They also had some very nice bow ties for a fair price.

  4. @ derrick – If someone said these suits cost $30,000 retail, would it make you feed better about the purchase?

  5. Sorry, off topic, but had a question for the Beggar and the group: anyone know if Save Khaki is having their summer sample sale this year?

  6. @Mike – according to their twitter feed, it ended on sunday. Absent from their twitter feed, it was all cash.

  7. Why didn’t it show up on the beggar? I don’t really understand how much curation their is on this site – is it all reasonable mens sample sales, or ones that the owner things are good, or what?

  8. Normally it is all sample sales that the bulk of the readers would want to know about. I guess sometimes one or two slip through…

  9. I am in NY this week – does anyone know of any good sample sales for mens designer clothing happening this week?

  10. Thanks, jerkyboy and Andrew. Sorry I missed it. Did either of you go? Was it good? I’ll have to get on their twitter feed for future notifications.

  11. I thought it was pretty good for the most part; aside from it being cash only which was annoying. Didnt see any of their T’s though, which is primarily what I went to begin with.

  12. Refusing to concede that I missed the SK sales this summer, I called them up just to see. Lo and behold, they’re actually still having a small (apparently somewhat under the radar) sample sale this weekend, today/Friday through Sunday. I scooted over there at lunch to check it out. Pretty decent selection, mostly heavier/fall/winter stuff, some good buys, including a $20 table with khakis and flannel shirts in a variety of sizes, and some more current shirts and pants elsewhere for $50. Plus some jackets and sweaters and odds and ends. It does appear to be cash only.

  13. @Bubu They do have larger sizes on pants and some suits…They are really top notch when it comes to made to measure.

  14. Hey bubu, sorry I missed your note. But Sal is correct, larger sizes on pants and jackets, mostly.

  15. Hey guys, I have no idea why The Beggar hasnt posted on these sales but theyre pretty good: Wesc has 50% off on everything; Gargyle’s sale is pretty legit, you can check their website for the details; Project No. 8 also has a sale going, but theyre prices are still rather high, quality stuff though.

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