Gant Sample Sale

— Tue, 9th October 2012 —

Yep. Thursday through Saturday, 10/11-10/13, Gant is co-hosting its famous sample sale featuring up to 80% tons of preppy sportswear. Expect Gant, Gant Rugger, Gant by Michael Bastian… the whole nine.

Pre-sale? That would be tomorrow, 10/10, from 1pm-7pm. Yes, there will be a guest list, so, no, we can’t guarantee your admittance. Also, the invite says 225 5th Ave btw 26th and 27th, but we assume the event is being held at 260 5th Ave btw 28th & 29th.

Gant Sample Sale – 260 5th Ave btw 28th & 29th – Tues-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-5pm – Map

  1. Any word on if this sale will be as lackluster for smalls as last year’s?

  2. How does one get on the guest list?

    Or how does one get past the guards?

  3. Steps to gaining access to Gant Sample Sale on preview day:
    1)”Excuse me Sir, I am supposed to be on the guest list”
    2) “Sure, what is your name?”
    3) *As man lifts clipboard, point to name on list*
    4) “yes, that is me”
    4.5) Enter the haven that is 260 5th Ave.
    5) sing 2Chainz “Happy Birthday” as your browse the abundance of cheap clothing the Gant sample sale has to offer..cause all you really want for your birthday is a big booty hoe, but you gotta look fly, first.
    6) go home and put together your shitty outfits for Thursday.
    #OOTD #WIWT #8===D


  4. just got back, much less stock than last year, like 1/2 as much. Higher prices too. Mostly mediums, I left with a couple of scarves.

    Blazers/ outerwear 175

    shirts 45

    pants 50.

  5. I got some rugger chinos. Lots in 34 waist. Got couple
    awesome blazers, shirts sweaters. Less than past years
    Not much women’s stuff. All the Bastian was medium and small.
    All in. 3 chinos, 4 sweaters, 2 blazers, overcoat, 4 shirts,
    2 hats, 5 socks and a scarf.
    Great if you like mainline in large or have a 34 waist.

  6. This was the first year I didn’t make the presale (damn you guestlist!) so maybe things were better yesterday, but the selection this morning was a little disappointing. Much less Rugger/Michael Bastian than in past years and smaller sizes of anything were hard to come by. Another bummer was that everything has been marked up heavily compared to prior sales. Pants and sweaters now $50, shirts $45 and the blazers $175.

    That said, I bought three blazers (pretty much all the Ruggers that were left), one tie, one sweater and a canvas jacket that at $100 felt more like the steals of days gone by. With all that damage to my bank account it couldn’t have been that bad!

    I’m pretty loyal to this brand, their clothes have served me well but I do miss the chiller vibe and better deals at the sales they used to host themselves. The 260 5th people seem bound and determined to turn the whole thing into a much more average experience.

  7. yeah wasn’t great. But I will admit some of those 260 5th girls were definitely looking to party


  8. Went yesterday morning. Got some current season Bastian cords ($50) and a Rugger shirt ($45). I also saw some of the past summer Bastian stuff, a few Rugger Crew sweaters, and the red Bastian windbreaker. Overall, more expensive than last year and not as much good stuff.


  9. Went yesterday afternoon & was disappointed. Not a lot of Bastian left. Maybe most of it went during the presale or earlier in the day. I didn’t get anything because there wasn’t anything that I really wanted. I think the sale would be good if someone is looking to buy his wardrobe for the season but for something looking to add a few pieces nothing to write home about.

  10. went yesterday afternoom and the best on this sale was the music xd

  11. @!!! yes, Michael Bastian has handmade items as part of *his line. Cucinelli used to do the majority of it I think…but the Bastian for GANT stuff is all made in the Far East.

  12. Death of the Gant sample sale. Overheard next year prices will be retail.

    Nacho Broadway

  13. Anyone know the final day discounts or prices? Thanks.

    Rolllllllllllll tide!

  14. Double the prices from years before. Pants $50 from $25 blazers, jackets $200 from $100. Fucc you Gant!

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