Hugo Boss Sample Sale

— Mon, 1st October 2012 —

Through Thursday, 10/4, Hugo Boss is hosting a sample sale featuring deep discounts on tailored clothing, sportswear, shoes, and accessories.

Hugo Boss HQ – 601 W 26th St btw 11th & 12th – Suite 845 – Mon-Thurs 9:30-5:30 – Map

  1. You guys were slow on this one! I hope they restocked, but if not – not sure what’s going to be left. I walked through the doors this morning about 9:45/9:50 and there were tons of guys walking by with trashbags filled to the top. One guy walked out with what looked to be all of the men’s bags in the sale, and sure enough – none left when I walked in. Suits are $275, outerwear is $185, dress shoes I believe were $60, sneakers were less. I saw a few boots, not sure how much they were. Most of the shoes were size 9 or 10 (majority in one of the sizes over the other but I can’t recall which). A few stray 8s, I may have seen one 11. Hoarders were there snatching shoes off the table and into their bags without so much as glancing at size. By the time I left (11) there was maybe 1 or 2 black belts left on the rack. There were maybe 4-5 racks of belts and only two racks of mostly casual brown belts and some belts in other shades were left. Belts were $20 and all of the ones I saw were size 34. Scarves were $20. Silk ties were $25. Most of the clothing seemed to be size large, some mediums – didn’t see any smalls. Hoodies/zip-ups/polos were $30. Knits were $60. Most things appeared to be new with tags. They had things from Boss Selection, Hugo Boss, Boss Orange, etc. People were moving very quickly at picking things up but I would say it was still fairly calm.

  2. These people who hoard things and fill up trashbags full of stuff to resell are assholes to the highest degree. I really think they need to have a limit on how many items one person can buy at one time- especially on the first day of a sale. Greedy shits.

  3. Jeremy – it annoys me just as much, but this is classic arbitrage. Some people make a living doing this because the retailers allow it. Can’t knock the hustle. If there’s anyone to blame here, it’s the retailers for not enforcing limits. Every company is aware of their product being sold through other online channels, but must prefer to cycle through inventory more quickly to making sales fair for committed customers. I would love to see item limits enforced in the future but doubt it will become common.

  4. wah wah wah..the guys with the bags are such scum..wah wah…..get there earlier, problem solved

    M'balz Izhairy

  5. Gotta love the unemployed “trendsetters” who pilferage through designer sales just to resell those goods via online or the 5th Ave bootleg center. Not knocking the hustle just more disgusting at how the scene has changed. It has become a gift & curse to have blogs that announce the sales forthcoming. Oh well sic vita est…..btw jojohomo1 I think you should come out the closet already. Your affinity for talking about others’ sexuality and cocks is worrisome

    Die Hipsters!

  6. DH: I hate it too, but that’s capitalism…

    Looks like Soiffer Haskin got some of the Hugo Boss leftovers, for those who missed this.

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