Paul Smith Sample Sale

— Tue, 23rd October 2012 —

Busy week. Thursday and Friday, 10/25-10/26, Paul Smith is hosting its seasonal sample sale featuring 75% off suiting, sportswear, shoes, and all manner of striped accessories.

Paul Smith Sample Sale – 468 W Broadway btw Prince & Houston – 11pm-7pm Daily – Map

  1. I’ve gone to two of these in the past….and if you are not there in the first 1-2 hours of opening, everything seems pretty much picked over

  2. Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is one of the only sales I’ve seen (for men, at any rate) to close early because they just ran out of stuff. That opening blitz for the suit section was kind nuts.

  3. Everything is already gone…about 20 Asian hoarders cleaned the place out. All the bags done! It was friends and family today,….who invited these people..clearly ebayers or shipping stuff one can wear that many striped socks!

  4. so are they restocking or not? and @haskell, no invite needed for thurs? really? i went to the a sale they had earlier this year and it was packed and saw lots of hoarders too…

  5. they very well may have been asian, but why do you need to mention it? describing them as 20 hoarders would have been just as effective without channeling hatred towards asians.

  6. Actually David, it was fine to mention that the hoarders were Asian. As a sample sale veteran of 10+ years, I can attest that EVERY major sample sale is always full of asians hoarding tons of stuff. It happens every time, and much of the merchandise is shipped back to China or other countries to resell. It is really irritating and makes me double down on my request that they limit everyone to 5 items total.

  7. Actually, that makes it even less necessary to mention that the hoarders are Asian. We can just assume that hoarder = Asian.

    By the way, it’s really easy to get on a F&F list. Just shop in the store once or twice a year outside of the sample sale, spend a few hundred dollars. They’ll put you on the list, and then you can be one of the hoarders.


  8. As one of the many Asians that spends A LOT of money and time at sample sales, yes, I do buy a lot of stuff for myself and to give away during Christmas/Birthdays.

    I have never resold any of the items nor have I acted as a proxy for others.

    Jeremy, how do you know that most of the merchandise is shipped back to China?

    Ching Chang Chong

    Asian Hoarder

  9. By mid-day today, this wasn’t worthwhile at all. There were reasons no one had bought this stuff.

  10. @Asian Horder I know because I see people who do not speak English, wearing old, tired clothing buying 10 copies of the same expensive thing. What else do you think they are doing with them? Further, countless hours of reading and research shows that luxury items are pricier in China and with a growing affluent class, their demand for high-end items is unquenchable.

  11. Jeremy,

    “…who do not speak English, wearing old, tired clothing buying 10 copies of the same expensive thing” – I’m happy you clarified that.

    -Asian Hoarder on Behalf of Steezy Asians that Know Where to Find a Bargain

    Asian Hoarder

  12. That’s racist, Jeremy. There are also us White hoarders who do not speak English, wearing old, tired clothing buying 10 copies of the same expensive thing!

  13. while everyone was going craycray at paul smith I went to zadig and voltaire sale. got some tees for $30 originally 95+ a pair of $700 boots for $150 (with studs of course), jeans for $60 and a belt for $60 with conches on it. It wasnt super busy and there was a lot of mercy, mostly for larger sizes but their stuff does run slim since its french. Some good deals and some not so much but all in all pretty happy about my stuff.

  14. i bought a $565 paul smith main line sweater for $50 and a $300 PS Paul Smith sweater for $80. midday today. there was tons of great stuff there, if i had more than an hour i would have gotten more.

  15. I agree with Jeremy there should be a limit on # purchases. If these brands were interested in selling all of their stock to one buyer (like TJ Maxx) they would, but obviously they do not prefer to.
    I used to love Paul Smith but how many striped shirts do you really need. Their shoes are a great deal though. and people were buying fedoras.. really?

    not a hoarder

  16. Excuse me, there were just 3 of us – not 20.

    And sadly for you racists, we can buy the whole store out, maybe even your whole country.

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