Bespoken Sample Sale + Special Deal

— Tue, 27th November 2012 —

Thursday and Friday, 11/29-11/30, Bespoken is hosting a sample sale featuring up to 75% off suits, trenches, peacoats, shirts & knits. The last event was well received.

Plus: Because Bespoken loves Beggars, they’ve graciously offered to take an additional 25% off purchases for the first 25 guys who mention “The Beggar” at checkout!

Bespoken Showroom – 50 E 57th St btw Park & Madison – 7th Fl – 9:30am-7:30pm Daily – Map

  1. Manny, starts tomorrow. Went last year and got a pair of pants for $99 I think. Button down dress shirts were over priced at $125 last time. Otherwise, pretty good.

  2. @Corey, they aren’t blended, they are successive. i.e. if item is $100, then @75% it is $25… Then 25% off that price would give you a grand total of $18.75. But the dummies who work at this sale probably dont know that, so you could likely weasel your way to free. How convincing are you? Lets have a debate..


  3. Just checked out this sale and they had some really nice items at good discount. They had a shirting section which was moving fast (all the shirts were made at the same factory that Turnbull and Asser uses), I disagree with Corey. I don’t think you can “weasel your way” to “free items”, not sure where this guy is coming up with these theories (but maybe in “Coreyland” weaseling is the way of living which is pretty comical).



  5. suit 395
    suit pants 100

    Fall stuff
    sweater $175
    tailored shirts $110

    Older stuff
    jackets $50-75
    sweaters $50-75
    random shirts / pants $10

    fall stuff all sizes
    older stuff where the bargains are more on the L or XL and random S. Rarely M.

  6. Some spring stuff $125 etc etc

    to be honest, not the best of the best selection.

    BUT when the staff is this nice, you can’t help but you get something.

  7. The selection and pricing was amazing. Will be rocking some Bespoken for my holiday parties.
    Check it out —also the staff is HOT -makes shopping even more enjoyable.

  8. Great sale, and great service.

    Great selection.

    Thank you staff for your patience.

  9. @ Clement. Tell me about it. The guys in tight jeans showing off 10 inch packages were HAWT

  10. Hey guys, just came back this morning and was pleasantly surprised by some of the further markdowns. There is still some good stuff there and the discounts are favorable.

  11. Half of their shirts and jackets was leftover form their March sale,
    maybe 40% of their stock were sample pieces, uneven stiches, low quality made, etc

    Mostly slim and tight , if you are not a model slim type most of their items won’t look good on you

    For the rest I like it, bought jacket, casual shirt and a henley

  12. Hey Dave suits are going for 300$ complete, blazers 225$ and trousers for 75$. Ties are still at 35$ and shoes are marked down at $100 and shirts are 95$. Mind you the shirts are made at the Turnbull and Asser factory so I felt like this was a good deal for a made in England shirt with the ties.

  13. Are the jackets on sale?
    @straanger – What type of jacket did you get?

  14. Not related to bespoken but is anyone checking out the pop up flea on 18th st?

  15. pop up flea on 18th st?

    lots fo good stuff but why buy there when everywhere is at least 40% off?

  16. Popup flea is a good time and an event. You find a lot of things there you can’t find at other places plus you get to meet the people who make the goods. Some are also willing to make a deal.

  17. Don’t know why the Beggar didn’t post this, but I got a card from Brunello Cucinelli, their sample sale starts today, 9-5, through 12/7, 150 East 58th St, bet Lex and 3rd Ave, 3rd floor. I went the last time and signed up for their mailing list, I got this card directly from Cucinelli. Card says cash and credit, 212-750-2990.

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