Genius Pack Grand Launch Discount

— Mon, 19th November 2012 —

More often than not, traveling sucks. That’s why we were so happy to hear about Genius Pack — a new luggage brand dedicated to making travel suck less. “Functionality is everything” — That’s Genius Pack’s motto. Choosing from a long list of smart, patent-pending features, we love how the High Altitude Flight Bag wraps around your folding tray (pictured), giving you easy access to travel essentials. And, because the creators of Genius Pack love you, they’re taking 25% off the price of all purchases through the end of the week — Just remember to use coupon code CHOOSY25.

  1. Thnks, Mr. Billy, Happy Thanksgiving!

    Black Friday’s amateur hour. You can find the 20-30% discounts most retailers are offering any time of year, and the crowds are unbearable.

  2. oh snap…. Mr. Billy just got burned!


  3. Genius pack looks cheap as shit. That water bottle holder is going to drop your bottle as soon as you start walking away from the security gate. Not to mention everything “sold separately” Great idea; horrible execution.


  4. wOW i just receieved mine! hands down the best carry on wheeler in the world… i love the organizational compartments and the free toiletry kit that comes with it. this brand rocks!

  5. Nov15 Hey guys. Great job guys, very informative. I aawlys look for these articles. Keeps us well informed, and coming back. Waiting for more.Definitely gonna save this one. 🙂

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