Hickey Freeman Sample Sale

— Fri, 2nd November 2012 —

With or without electricity or running water, Metropolitan Pavilion plans to go ahead with its rescheduled Hickey Freeman and Bobby Jones sample sale from Sunday through next Wednesday, 11/4-11/7.

Hickey Freeman Sample Sale – Metropolitan Pavilion – 123 W 18th St between 6th & 7th – 5th Fl – Sunday 11am-7pm, Mon-Tues 8am-7pm, Wed 8am-6pm – Map

  1. Have these sales had much to offer historically? Any idea whether they’d have the Hickey (slim fit) suits in smaller sizes, or will everything be unsold large sizes?

  2. I went today – nobody was there, which meant that nothing had been picked over. Suits are $600 and start from 38 and go up. They have plenty of 40 and up in Reg Short and Long. Some suits have been discounted to $99 – unfortunately none in my size. The suits don’t look like leftovers, all very current. Shirts are $79 – they carry both the slim Sterling line and the baggier Mahogany. I’d say the Sterling fits like Hickey does. I didn’t see any Hickey. Plenty of everything as of Sunday afternoon. Cashmere topcoats, slacks, sportcoats, and the Bobby Jones stuff – I didn’t really look at that. I’d say it’s a really great sale. Especially if you can get a $1600 suit for $99.

  3. I agree with Elliot. This is a great sale. $20 bucks on jeans. And right now, they are slashing prices 50% off outwear. There is virtually no one there. They might in fact close the sale if there is not a good turnaround. They are, however, knocking prices down to lure more people to come. But the outwear/top coats/suits are the definite steals in the sample sale.

  4. Anyone know if they had kids’ dress shirts? They did at one a couple years ago..

  5. @Bonnie – I saw that they did have a section in the back for kids. I’m pretty sure they had dress shirts + more. Not sure about the pricing though sorry!

  6. They DO have kids dress shirts.
    They are something like $29/each. I bought 3 for $75.
    And, the posters above are spot-on, there is NOBODY there.
    4 racks of 42 regular suits – top and bottom.
    I’ve never seen such a selection.

  7. @mstrspliff outerwear was marked 699-999 with 30% off of that. Might have been some 499 or 599 buy I didn’t see any.

  8. @mstrspliff – I don’t remember the prices but it is 50% their sales price. I have seen some coats that are retailed for $1000+ go for 500 and now down to $250. (Not the exact numbers but you know what I mean).

  9. I went today. Boys shirts were 29 each, 3 for 75, or 5 or more for 20 each. Some nice deals on outerwear – they were 50% off sale price but mainly the same styles – pretty lightweight. Overcoats were 30% off sale price. The 20 dollar jeans were mainly MNSKY brand – smallest HF jean left was a solitary one in size 32, others were all bigger. Dress shirts were 69 each but went down to 50 each if u bought 5 or more. Sweaters I think were 129. Sports shirts were 59 or 69.

    The 99 dollar suits have a ton of wrinkles on them – that’s why they’re 99. Not sure if that’s something that can be fixed or how expensive it would be to fix? And there’s only a few of those 99 ones left – one in size 38, two in size 40 short (no 40 R). I only checked 38 and 40. Otherwise tons of stock though on suits and everything else, place was empty.

  10. beggar decided not to post it but today is alexander wangs sample sale. Mens prices for t range from $15-$70 and collection from $140-$350. I got there at 3am and there were 8people ahead of me. But when I left I saw the line all the way around the block. They are restocking and lasts till saturday. Enjoy!

  11. they just slashed outwear to 75% off and jeans are now $9.. its definitely not for everyone but if you’re looking for cheap outwear/jeans, this event might be worth going to.

  12. does ‘outerwear’ include overcoats? last night, the posted markdowns were different.

  13. @downright: no, they’re on different racks / labeled differently.

  14. Yeah, yesterday overcoats were 30% off sale price and other outerwear was 50% off. If anyone goes today and tomorrow I’d be interested to hear how low those chesterfields & such drop–the suits and overcoats were the main (or only) attraction, and there certainly are a lot of them, but they were still a bit steep.

    I did get one of those $99 suits though. The wrinkles didn’t seem that serious, I think the markdown may have been more because of how anachronistic and impractical they are (light brown, pinstripes, double-breasted, three-piece). But for a hundred bucks I’m pretty sure there’s a country wedding or jazz age lawn party for which it’ll prove useful.

  15. Any word if they are planning on reducing prices on suits? I’d go back.

  16. I’m confused by Jeremy’s post. The only drop in price is the $99 suit to $98.99?

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