Isaia Sample Sale

— Mon, 12th November 2012 —

Tuesday through Friday, 11/13-11/16, Isaia‘s official sample sale is going down in lower mid-town. Expect up to 75% off the highest quality suits, sport coats, shirts, ties, knits, trousers, …Readers pretty much lost their sh*t over the last event.

Official Isaia Napoli Sample Sale – 225 5th btwn 26th & 27th – Tues-Thurs 10am-7pm, Fri 10am-1pm – Map

  1. I went right at 10 and there was 1 rack of 48’s (and a few others mixed in elsewhere) then. Suits (mostly S model in suits, v few Gregory, no Cortina or Dustin at all that I saw) were going fast other than a few racks of large sizes (looked like mostly black or navy single-breasted). I am a 40 but in a few cases a 42 seemed to fit better.

    Based on the interior label size, I understand these may be 2 seasons old, but the S cut is classic and has only evolved very slightly in last few seasons, so no worries there.

    Didn’t look seriously at sportcoats, shirts, etc. Not sure whether they will restock.

  2. only 3 or 4 suits in 48 when i went around 10:30, but a lot of 50…was looking for overcoats/ties, but didn’t find much. random q – is there a name for the winding black and white square pattern that sort of becomes a dark gray. saw it on a 130s suit and was thinking about getting it…

  3. thanks for the reply – googled glen plaid and it wasn’t it. the lines don’t cross. they outline a square and keep winding down into the middle concentrically…had never seen it on a suit, so was curious.

  4. Comments on the size 48 are correct. I asked a sales associate if they would restock and unfortunately they won’t. The only thing I considered buying was a tux.

    Shoes aren’t classics and not my cup of tea
    Shirts were a mixed bag, I’d rather go to CEGO a few streets up

    If you are a 50 and above and favor a more conservative cut go though….

  5. expensive for a sample sale.
    Suits are $1550, Cashmere sport jackets $950 and wool sport jackets $800.
    Shirts $180, Ties $100

  6. The two suits I bought were $895 each, the sports coat was $575, the tie was $65, the cashmere polo $100, two shirts were $145 each and trousers were $150. I think the staple suits (charcoal and navy classics) are $995.

    I echo the general sentiment that there were few 48s, but I managed to snag some. Not a lot of ties. Mostly summery or printed wool. A few 7-folds. The shoes are in larger sizes and not really my thing. Lots of shorter winter coats. There are few racks of the diffusion line (Maestro or something?), which is cheaper, but I stuck with the main line.

  7. Unsanforized – I think they’re talking about 50EU, which translates to a 40US.

  8. Was there today. They said they will be bringing in a few navy and charcoal suits in 36 and 38. I’ll be the first one in line in the AM 🙂

  9. Did anyone notice any suits size 54/56 or sweaters in size L? Was it just Isaia brand or corrallorosso as well?


  10. they got a new shipment of 38’s and 40’s which they were completely out of as of yesterday. plenty of suiting left in sizes 58-62

  11. Sizing is ALL European…50=40…52=42…etc.
    NO suits are $1550 at the sale.
    And they’re QUITE a deal as Isaia suits retail for $2995+
    Sportcoats, $2500+….
    There’s mostly Isaia…as well as Corallorosso and Michelangelo.

    LOTS of BIG charcoal and navy aquaspider suits. Aquaspider is Isaia’s
    Patented water-resirant fiber. By big, Im talking 44+ and Longs…Enjoy!

  12. Thought the ties were a disappointment; shirts were kind of mixed bag depending on size but there wasn’t anything that knocked my socks off. I think you do better at Barneys for Isaia than here.

  13. Went this morning at 10 am and was the only one there. Picked up a charcoal Acquaspider in US 42L for $995 plus tax. Seemed to be a dozen or so basic suits in 42R but the sport coats were not my taste. Does anyone have a tailor they recommend? They mentioned Sam’s on 57th Street.

  14. Scott-go to Sam’s…he does ALL of Isaia’s tailoring.
    He used to work at the ULTRA expensive bespoke Bhambi’s across from Barneys.
    Sam is at 118 East 59th Street.

  15. I just went at close of business today: only 3 not-so-attractive 48R suits left and handful of 50s. Still plenty of the large sizes. The folks at the sale said that they weren’t planning to restock.

  16. is there any extra mark down today? or anyone knows the store phone number to call?