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— Mon, 26th November 2012 —

Here’s a post worthy of “Cyber Monday.” Tuesday through Sunday, 11/27-12/2, 260 5th is hosting J.Crew‘s semiannual sample sale featuring up to 60% off samples and overstock. As many readers agreed, last year’s fall event was the best J.Crew sale to hit NYC in years, as it featured 90% off suits and jackets made of Loro Piana wool, eight racks of wovens and dress shirts, and hard-to-find sample patterns. This summer’s event, however, was not as well received.

J. Crew Sample Sale – 260 5th Ave btw 28th & 29th – Tues-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 12am-6pm – Map

  1. It’s pouring rain out, the sale doesn’t start for half an hour, and the line is already around the block. It’s mostly women but I’d try to go early to this sale if you want to get anything.

  2. What do all these people do that they can be in line for a sample sale at 9:30am on a Tuesday morning??
    Please, tell me about your life.


  3. Well to answer your question Trustfund_Empty, I am a CEO of a small boutique ad firm. I dont see why i should pay full price in stores, so I wait in line for a half an hour to and hour just to save money. On average, Id say I save about $5k annually. Id say thats worth the wait.

  4. Well to answer your question, I am the CEO of a small boutique ad firm. I dont see why i should pay full price in stores, so I wait in line for a half an hour to and hour just to save money. On average, Id say I save about $5k annually. I would say thats worth the wait, wouldnt you?

  5. anyone have comments regarding the sample sale?
    wondering if i should pop in after work 🙂

  6. @G K I have several comments and questions:

    1) Awesome for you. I wish I had the autonomy to decide that I was not going into work until later on any given day.

    2) Are you actually the graffiti artist “GKAE”

    3) Why do you feel y ou should not pay full price? Do you believe your clients should not pay full price for the work of your copywriters?

    4) Are you hiring?

    5) How was the sale? How is the selection?


  7. P.S. I preferred the second submission. Ending it with a question was a good decision.


  8. anyone have comments regarding the sample sale?
    wondering if i should pop in in after work (hint hint)

  9. Insanely crowded this am with no dressing rooms or a single mirror.That said, prices are pretty good mens shirts $25,Pants $25 Casual jkts $60 coats $90 – $120 No suits. Random seperates from suits but couldnt match size 42. All true samples are mediums.Good range of sizes though.

  10. Hey John how about acessories? Were there any winter hats, scarfs, or sweater on sale?

  11. No mens accessories that I saw. They had some shoes and one or two belts. Lots of boxers. Otherwise the stuff was mostly clothing.

  12. @john, coats were $150 (topcoats), cold weather jackets and down gillets were $60 – $90

  13. Eh, you can get plenty of chinese-made jcrew merch on sale at their retails stores to avoid the lines.

    I, for one, would like to hear more back and forth between the office drone and the entrepreneur!

  14. Waited in line for over 30 minutes in the pouring, cold rain (yes, I had an umbrella). Inside it was a thin slice of mayhem. The mens’ selection was mediocre. I was in the hunt for t-shirts – that’s it. I got a few. Prices were ok ($15 e). Also picked up a puffer vest which turns out to actually be J.Crew Factory, and was only $8 less than the current selling price. There seemed to be a lot of woven shirts and outerwear. Not much in suiting, pants, or sweaters. Women’s items dominated the selection. I still wonder why they switched from the spot in midtown to 260 Sample Sale, which is small and cramped. Not really worth waiting today, especially if you happen to already be coming down with a cold.

  15. i agree with the comments above… its not worth the wait.. pants for $25 is not bad but because there is no fitting rooms and you will most likely have to alter the pants as most of them are 32×34

  16. I agree with Trustfund_Empty. Why aren’t you people working? No wonder the economy is in the pits.

    Also, any larger sizes? Thanks! Muah.

  17. Such garbage. I want my 45 minutes back. $10 boxers?! LOL. I get them for $4 at the store.


  18. I went today and bought the only navy Mayfair topcoat in medium. Once I got home and saw a mirror I realized its a bit too long on me. Drop your e-mail if you want it and live in manhattan. 150, same as I payed.

  19. Bubu… get back to work on that bucket of Popeye’s. Large sizes…. shocker!

  20. Thinking I’m dumb. When are instore sale prices as good as, for example, $4 for boxers or shirts for the prices listed here? Would love to just head to a quite store for sales instead and skip long lines.

  21. I’m with Tiny. Yesterday I found a Thomas Mason-labeled gingham shirt for $40 and another slim fit button down for $25 – which are about uniqlo prices and fit better. Is J Crew really this cheap in stores? Their online store has kept me away from B&M because their prices are too high (the same thomas mason shirt is $135 online).

  22. Peeps
    Sample sales are not what they used to be. First off, if the sale is at this location, then be prepared for overcrowding and no dressing rooms. Secondly, If you can’t make it to the sale the first day, then the rest is usually crap. Do I need to mention the hoarders and ebay resellers? Last but now least. Why do people find the need to insult people here? Someone that is an xl may be 6’4″ and 225. That doesn’t mean they are fat or hiding away eating a bucket of Popeyes. I am lucky to be a medium size 40, so all samples sales cater to my size. This forum should be about helping each other find the good deals. If you are that unhappy with yourself that you need to insult people, then maybe you should insult yourself for not having any sort of compassion for your fellow man/woman.

  23. Agree with Anon above…..enough with the snarky, mean girl comments….let’s try to be more like gentlemen and focus on the positive/negative aspects of these sample sales and why we check this site out.

  24. MMmmmhmmm Jcrew

    8===> ~~~~~

    squirt squirt squirt squirt squirtsquirt

  25. @anon @Anonymous the bubu chicken bucket/large sizes thing is a running CB joke. No actual insults being hurled here.

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