J.Press Sample Sale

— Tue, 13th November 2012 —

Wednesday through Friday, 11/14-11/16, J.Press is hosting what used to be a regular semiannual sample sale. Here‘s what those events used to look like.

J.Press Sample Sample – 530 7th Ave btw 38th & 39th – 11am-6pm Daily – 212-997-3600 – Map

  1. Good selection of J Press stuff at all 70% off. It’s just the fit is so boxy. Could pick up some good stuff here and throw some money into tailoring, but didn’t feel like it.

  2. agreed prepster. not my fit, but nice quality wares. oh well. seemed like they were doing well and they had staff to help you out.

  3. 70% off everything except shirts – they’re 50% off
    Some good deals and if you’re adventurous, you can even get some better deals on ‘damaged’ items. Suits are $50, shirts are $20 and the reality is some of that ‘damage’ is very slight, hidden or can be repaired.

    Tie selection was a bit too eclectic for me, no nice reps though they did have some interesting patterned ones. Best deals are on boxers – $6 and I got a nice belt for $21. Sport coats were running about $150 and there are some odd lots of cufflinks, etc.

    If you’re in the neighborhood, worth a trip to the 29th floor.

  4. awesome sale! lot of selection if you are into shirts & pants from jpress. i would recommend going !

  5. There were some smaller size jackets and suits. There was a nice vintage collection jacket (about 36 only $50) that I almost picked up.

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