Peregrine Showroom Sample Sale

— Tue, 6th November 2012 —

Love these events. Thursday through Sunday, 11/8-11/11, Peregrine Showroom is hosting its seasonal sample sale featuring up to 80% off 8.15 August Fifteenth, Chimala, Gilded Age, Il Bussetto, Oliver Spencer, Whillas & Gun, Wolf vs Goat.

And: Because Peregrine loves you so much, they’ve generously agreed to take an additional 15% off purchases for the first 15 guys to mention “The Beggar” at checkout.

Peregrine Showroom Sample Sale – 89 5th Ave btw 15th & 16th – Suite 902 – 212-229-2446 – Thurs-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 11am-5pm – Map

  1. This is an amazing sample sale! Last season I got Chimala jeans, an 8.15 cardigan and a chunky gilded age turtleneck which is about 2lbs of cashmere. Not all samples either they have sizes in things.

  2. @michael how are the prices usually? also do you usually have jackets/coats?

  3. Twitter feed question…. I wasn’t seeing Choosy Beggar tweets and checked your twitter feed, which doesn’t seem to have tweets for last couple of weeks, though there are recent sales posted on web site (like this one). Is this just temporary? Thanks

  4. Jenny, are you reading? Do you have new merch from W&G and Oliver, or mostly the same as last time?


  5. Unique, high quality stuff – as always. A well curated collection.
    Prices range by brand. For example, shirts are $40-80.

  6. Hey-
    There are bags-
    We have WHillas & Gunn and Oliver Spencer along with Wolf Vs. Goat, Chimala, Il Bussetto wallets, Gilded Age and 8.15. New merch!!!
    Jackets range from around 80 to 350…..

  7. @K

    Yes, decent selection on all kinds of outwear ranging from about $50 (vests) to $350

  8. Any women’s? I remember seeing some last time and friends of mine wants to check it out. Also, card ok?

  9. Cards are accepted and there are 2 racks of women’s…..
    Mostly smaller sizes but some great things…

  10. We have a few things in xxl from Gilded Age, Whillas & Gunn, and Wolf Vs. Goat…..
    Nothing above that…..

  11. We have small jackets and coats- Gilded Age, and Whillas & Gunn….

  12. The Beggar chose not to cover Housing Works’ Fashion for Action event…anyone have a report? I got a Thom Browne for Brooks Brothers trench for $100 there last time.

  13. There’s some good stuff here, but watch out for defects on the samples. I got an Oliver Spencer jacket that had a red lining that bled all over my shirt.

  14. I bought an Oliver Spencer macintosh jacket w/ red lining, is that what JD bought, hope not.

  15. Any red lining- especially as bright as the Oliver lining is should be dry cleaned to set the dye before wearing with a light fabric…..
    Then you will be good to go-

  16. Doug- It probably is the same lining….. so set the color first….

  17. We are restocking tonight…..
    We have more of everything except Chimala….
    Some new pieces too!!

  18. Went today and some great Oliver Spencer stuff but the prices are pretty much doubled from last sale. Last sale I got a Spencer shirt for $50 and pants for $60 and this time it is pretty much twice as much. Will wait for Sunday maybe the prices will drop on the last day.

  19. I agree with Johnny. Beautiful stuff but The prices were around 50% retail or over wholesale price.

  20. Hey guys-
    Sorry- I know the prices are about 20 bucks more this season from last season…. I just checked my pricing against my last sample sale prices- Oliver Spencer button downs were $70 last season and they are $80 this season….. the jackets were $180 last season and they are $200 this season.
    This is because the fall wholesaling prices are a bit higher…..
    Everything from Oliver is at least 60% off retail…..
    Hope you can come back tomorrow afternoon when prices will go down a bit more but I wanted to address the pricing concerns.
    Thank you for coming by!!!!

  21. What will Sunday markdowns a w and g vest in may for$25 and this time around they were $50. Also will WVG be marked down.

  22. Hey-
    The mark down is not set yet but I am sure we won’t be going to half price…..
    The mark down will probably end up at around 30%……

  23. The Oli jackets and shoes are not 50% off retail so I have no clue where people are getting their numbers from because if you go on MrPorter, the jackets and shoes were at least 60-80% off.

  24. I think the price hike was understandable, though it’s true it made the Oli stuff a bit less appealing than the past two sales. With that said, Jennie and company deserve credit for running what is, at least for my money, one of the best sample sales in NYC.


  25. Follow-up on this jacket mess. Doug, I’d actually recommend NOT dry cleaning that jacket. I got mine dry cleaned–at my usual, totally competent cleaner–and it bled right through the green canvas. I’m not sure what you should do. Replace the lining, I guess. My hunch is that these were samples and once Oliver realized that they bled like crazy they changed fabric or treated it differently. I assume Jennie & co didn’t know this, otherwise they would’ve marked it or said something; I’ve gone to this sale a bunch of times and Jennie and everyone else have always been great. Still, I’m pretty annoyed that I just dropped $200, plus dry cleaning, plus my now-pink shirt, to end up with a jacket that makes me look like I’ve been shot.

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