Steven Alan Sample Sale

— Tue, 13th November 2012 —

Wednesday through Saturday, 11/14-11/17, Steven Alan‘s hosting his famed sample sale featuring up to 75% off present and past seasons’ stock, along with annex offerings from Loomstate, Sophomore, Relwen, Gilded Age, … See what past events looked like here, here and here. Pre-sale, tonight? Well…

Steven Alan Sample Sale – 87 Franklin St btwn Broadway & Church – 212-343-0692 – Wed-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat 10pm-7pm – Map

  1. Is it me or is this stuff completely overrated and overpriced? You can get better deals at the Barney’s warehouse sale anyway.

  2. Just got back. Price seem higher than previous years. Not too much deals to be had. Although there a few Alden Boots for around $249 in larger sizes 10+.

  3. Wow. Is it too much to expect adult behavior and courtesy from people who visit this site?

  4. I went today…no line.
    Sad old mdse downstairs.
    Upstairs annex only has only relwen.
    Don’t bother

  5. Just left. Pretty crowded. I think Steven Alan sample prices are what it should cost retail so there wasn’t anything that I considered other than from non-SA brands:
    Tellason for SA jeans for $50 seemed like the best deal
    NDC Made By Hand shoes were a surprise to see but not any better price than you would see on Gilt
    Decent sunglasses including a Waiting For The Sun wooden sunglasses for $50 (just one pair left)


  6. merch downstairs was pretty good. tons of shoes. clae, nike, a couple of diemme hiking boots, some n.d.c. shoes but they were 399. some common projects look alikes as well. usual shirts, meh. but aldens, there are a pair of 10.5, 11 and 12 black plain toe chukkas. a box of imogen + willie raw denim jeans for men, $50. a brown pair of alden indie boots, size 13. and a pair of brown alden chukkas, size 13. there a small selection of sweaters. and a bunch of summer and a few winter hats.

  7. Just got back and it wasn’t crowded (considering it was lunch time). Lots of reverse seem shirts for $68, Outerware for the most part is $149, Puffer Vests $79. As mstrspliff mentioned, good array of shoes. There were some black, brown and white Alden chukkas when I was there for $299 but only in big sizes (I’m a sz 8). If I find out they had the Alden Indy boots in my size I’ll be pretty upset.

    Then again I got to meet Steven when I was paying for my jacket (the navy puffer w/detachable hood), which was cool.
    If you’re a fan of the brand then you should be able to find a good amount of merchandise for your $.

  8. Just got back as well…not a huge fan of SA so it wasn’t very exciting for me. The collection, with all due respect, seems really tired. I went to see the other brands that were in the mix; Our Legacy, Darn Tough socks ($5 – I believe gone now), Sunspel, Alden. Decent selection but it seems most stuff is only half off right now. I completely agree, this is where most of this clothing should retail for. Shorts for $20, which seems fair. SA sweaters in front for $69 I believe, down from $260-ish. You’d be hard pressed to find killer deals today though.

    Old Man Fancy

  9. always a good selection of clothing at this sale, as for pricing, its decent!. i picked up a SA puffer jacket for $125 ($495) a Marmot down jacket for $125 ($350) and some michael bastian sunglasses for $50. walked out happy. still a lot left over.

  10. i got a nice SA pea coat for $99. If you like SA, there are plenty of nice shirts.

  11. @doug and @mr billy – do they still have sizes for coats/jackets? and do you guys have any photos of the purchases that you’ve made? thanks. many thanks in advance.

  12. @curious – the sizes are dwindling the last time i went but its a large enough sale where you should still take a stop by. hope you find something!

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