Brunello Cucinelli Overstock Sale

— Tue, 4th December 2012 —

Through Friday, 12/7, head over to 58th Street for 60% off Brunello Cucinelli overstock. Be warned, however: Even at a discount, Cucinelli’s fine sportswear — typically in sizes 46-to-58 — will set you back.

Brunello Cucinelli Overstock Sale – 150 E. 58th St btw 3rd & Lex – 3rd Fl – 212-750-2990 – 9am-5pm Daily – Map

  1. I stopped by but got nothing. They are at 80% off but things were still expensive. Some shoes for $200-300 though. Only 2 ties left at $45 or so. Some shirts left, mostly XL and bigger, but for over $105. Lots of jackets, sweaters, and pants, but still very expensive. Also saw a few older Bastian pieces, which might mean most of it was older stock.

  2. It was phenomenal sale with tons of quality, at 80% off. TB was 3 times as expensive as last year with really nothing to pick.

  3. Couldn’t make it to this one. Was there anything in 48? Not that it matters now…

  4. FYI – There was actually quite a few 48 left about 30 min to close on Friday, picked up a blazer, two sweaters and two pairs of pants.

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