Gilt City Warehouse Sale

— Thu, 6th December 2012 —

Friday and Saturday, 12/7-12/8, Gilt is hosting its annual warehouse sale featuring up to 80% off tons of stock. Along with sharp elbows, admission is required — Get your tickets here. [Pic courtesy of]

Gilt City Warehouse Sale – Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W 18th St btw 6th & 7th – Fri 9:30am-11pm, Sat 9am-9pm – Map

  1. Don’t waste your time in line and especially dont waste your money.

    I managed to slip in for free last time because I had a broken ankle. They let me skip the line. But the selection was just god awful and I was borderline appalled at the amount of crap they were trying to sell. This is for men at least..women’s it looked like there was a bit more selection. You can find better deals at Nordstrom rack or just regular Gilt on any given day. It was garbage. They had maybe three 12 foot racks set up for men mostly of outlier sized items. The shoe selection downstairs was equally as bad. If you do any sort of online deal shopping you are guaranteed to find better deals.

  2. giggity, shit, really? i already bought 4 tickets…. oh well, at least there is free bottled water!

  3. @david sadly, yes.. im not even doing a lot of exaggeration. However, the one I went to was the first one. Not saying the next one will be the same. Let me know how it is. I hope for everyone’s sake they’ve improved it a lot.

  4. The number and quality of the labels carried on Gilt has gone down, WAY down, so I would not expect to find great stuff. Then again, they are shutting down Park and Bond, so maybe they will have some of their stuff.

    Side note: Hey Beggar, you seem to be slipping when it comes to sales notices. Ralph Lauren Purple and Black label sample sale starts today.


  5. Beggar,
    You also missed the Autumn Cashmere sale where I picked up three beautiful sweaters. 2 at $85 1 at $108

  6. I’ve noticed lately that Gilt will have a sale on something, and a few days later Hautelook will have the same sale with lower prices. Also, Gilt has numerous items that are nonreturnable, so if it doesn’t fit you are SOL.

  7. Hey Gordon,

    Where else you getting sample sale info? Right now this is my only resource

  8. We do our best, Gordon. Reader tips are encouraged, and greatly appreciated.

  9. I heard about the RL sale from an employee. Beggar, I just noticed you had a tipline in the About page. Will do in the future, but maybe you should put a more prominent link on the Home page.


  10. hey gordon – why don’t you create your own site if you don’t like how this site is run???

  11. Gordon’s got a good point. We shouldn’t miss quality events.

  12. Went to the preview of the Gilt sale tonight, and it was terrible on the men’s side. I’m talking ugly polos for shirts and Converse for shoes. One rack of smalls, a few of mediums and larges. I saw a few nice mens shoes in large sizes, but other than that not a single thing I would even consider. I wouldn’t pay to go.

    The women’s sale, on the other hand, seemed pretty decent — good prices and lots of high-end brands.

  13. Well it wasn’t great, nor was it horrible. I got a pair of pants and a merino wool slvr sweater for 68 bucks total. Pocketed a Few kind bars (they’re 2 bucks at while foods!) and a bag of pop chips. Most of the stuff is not my style or super expensive, which makes sense, since I’m the third wave to shop and left with the shitty stuff. They had burkman brothers, penguin, Calvin Klein collection, Paul smith, Patrick ervell, converse, splendid mill, etc. Since it was early morning I didn’t partake in the libations, but they were there. I ended up not buying a pair of grenson crepe soled wing tips and a. Testoni basics calfskin loafers which I may regret later.

  14. Guys skip this sale. Got there around 3:30 and had to wait in line for 30 min to get in. When I got in there was only 5 racks for guys. What was left was not worth waiting in line for. The back table of shoes was worse. The selection was terrible. I feel ripped off that I spent $15 to go to the worst sample sale ever.

  15. Gilt’s going downhill. They replaced their CEO recently as the plans for increasing revenue failed. It used to feel like you were getting a deal on there. Now it’s just a fancy

    My biggest annoyance is with the A. Testoni BASICS shoes they always have online. They misrepresent the MSRP a lot saying they retail for $495 on up… they arent close in quality to the A. Testoni’s you find at Saks for example. And are made in Tunisia I believe, not Italy.

  16. giggity – i’ve seen testoni basics on other websites listing at $500, so i don’t think it’s just Gilt. However, I would agree it’s not a $500 shoe, maybe $295 at the most. BTW, the ones I’ve seen are made in morocco.

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