M5 Showroom Sale

— Wed, 12th December 2012 —

Through next Friday, 12/21,  M5 Showroom is hosting its seasonal sample sale featuring C.P. Company, Stone Island, Drumohr, Boglioni, and select Nigel Cabourn.

M5 Showroom Sale – 375 West Broadway btw, Suite 501 – Cash Only – 11am-5pm Daily – 212-334-4744 ‎ – Map

  1. Just there for Nigel Cabourn. Not too shabby. Mostly 48 in jackets/coats/button ups. Prices aren’t too bad. As cheap as $400 for mainline coats and $800 for authentic. Didn’t spend too much time looking at other brands. There are also a few limited edition pieces.

  2. Went yesterday and the selection is amazing. Unfortunately even with a decent mark-down, it’s quite pricey. Only checked out Boglioli and Cabourn with most sizes in the 48-50 realm. Majority samples, some production. Boglioli pants at $150. Blazers around $650. Overcoats average $800. Again, quality stuff but it’ll cost you. Cabourn button ups at $200 and jackets, the better ones, around $1K. Nice people that work there. I’m hoping for extra discounts next week since it doesn’t seem that stuff is flying off the racks. At all.

  3. No extra discount next week.

    Not much stuff on CP Conpany / stone island / Nigel

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