Opening Ceremony Sample Sale

— Thu, 13th December 2012 —

Friday through Sunday, 12/14-12/16, Opening Ceremony is hosting its year-end sample sale featuring up to 90% off Acne, Band, Comey, Repetto… and lots and lots of OC house label.

Opening Ceremony Sample Sale – 76 Mercer btw Broome & Spring – Fri-Say 11am-8pm, Sun 11am-7pm – Minimum credit card purchases of $100 – Map

  1. If there’s a solid piece of knowledge that I’ve acquired going to sample sales in NYC for the past few years, it’s that any “sample sale” hosted at Chelsea Market is complete garbage and that OC sales are amazing. You should definitely hit it up.

  2. @Jookie – 12 people on line already??? wow, please update us on the pricing and clothes inside. Thanks!

  3. Line report

    It’s still around 60. Relatively short for OC sale. Asked around and it’s because of friends and family which was open to public yesterday.

  4. It’s pretty picked over. Lots and lots of OC for cheap. Others, sweaters around $100 but most just random stuff.

    Lots of Vans.

    Either really small 42-46 or 54-58

  5. isn’t jookie a racist/prejudiced name? ummmmm… “jook”?

    you people all disgust me. except for bubu. he is far beyond that.

  6. uhhh thanks….^^^^ anyways, i thought it wasnt bad. I personally love opening ceremony’s stuff so i did well. I got a pair of black lace ups for 40 originally 550. got an agnes b moto sweater for $30. I got some gifts for my family like a set of 3 candles originally 150 for 25, a multi strand necklace for 15. I also got a pair of repetto lace ups for 40. I got some other stuff super cheap but to lazy to look at the deals. It was good all in all, better then other sales this week. seasons greetings everyone!

  7. @renaissancerebel
    thats great. At least someone did well. What sizes are you at? I couldnt find anything in my size.

    You are thinking of “gook” but thanks for playing.

  8. i got a pair of those $40 repettos. only thing i bought.
    do you think they will ever get rid of those tron jackets?

  9. I couldn’t find me size in those shoes. I doubt they will sells those trons. Whatever that’s left goes to century. Years back I bought 140 pairs of OC jeans from them at $4 a piece after their sample sale. It was left over stuff. Gave them away to friends.

    Alright, so who else preordered Saint Laurent high top runners? Anyone? Anyone?

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