Thom Browne Sample Sale

— Tue, 4th December 2012 —

Now that all the black-Tuesday, cyber-Sunday silliness is over, it’s time to get back to business. Officially, Thursday through Saturday, 12/6-12/8, Thom Browne is hosting a sample sale featuring, well, here‘s what readers found last fall.

The friends & family pre-sale is on Wednesday, 12/5, from 3m-7pm. To get in, you’ll need to RSVP — at rsvp@thombrowne — by 1pm on Wednesday. You’ll also be charged $25 at the door, all of which will go to the Mayor’s Fund for Hurricane Sandy.

Also, as the invite warns, “No eBay resellers permitted.”

Thom Browne Sample Sale – 210 11th Ave at 25th St, Suite 403 – Thurs-Sat 11am-7pm – Map

  1. I’m the real bubu and just came back from the sale. Not a lot of options for big guys. 🙁

  2. I’ve seen comments on other sample sales that stuff is cheaper at Barbey’s on sale. When does Vanet’s have these 60% mark downs? I’ve never seen them


  3. @MonkeyBusiness

    Once in a while, it happens. I’ve Seen Thom Browne stuff at Barney’s. For slightly less than at this sale. But for some reason always dirty/damaged.

    Folks, I bit off a little more than I could afford this time, so if you need a jacket in a TB0, I will post here tomorrow or the day after with an email to reach me at. In the same vein, I also still have some (beautiful, not quite for me) Jil Sander size 34/44 suits that some of you asked for pics and measurements of. Coming this weekend! Sorry for the delay.

    Anon—and on and on!

  4. Went last night and overall not bad. If you compare it to the previous year, then yes, it sucked. Prices definitely much higher. I’m sure they did their due research and priced it JUST around where Ebay re-sellers would think twice about buying it. Not much margins on these prices. But for the average TB fan, it was decent. Lots of shirts in all sizes for $95. Shoes/boots are reasonably priced at $300/$400. The one-offs like coats, blazers, pants, cashmere sweaters were marked a little high IMO. Blazers were averaging $600 (which like some commented, can be had at Barney’s even before they hit the warehouse floor.) So yeah, definitely a hit/miss type of sale. I was lucky enough to get the last pair of sweats at $95, which is fair. But other than that, I had trouble finding things to buy. If anyone has an update on today’s prices/markdowns…please do…

  5. Are they putting out any new shirts? Real short on 2s when I was there


  6. Also, what time of year are these Barney’s sales everyone is going to?


  7. This year, the competition for sale is bit high. At 40% – 50% discount, things are already starting to get picked over. When it hits 60%, it will really be picked over.

    Warehouse sale is a waste of time. It is actually more expensive there compares to last day of sales at stores. But I did pick up Kitsune sweaters and Junya sweaters at $80 a piece in M.

  8. @Anonymous

    I am keeping the jackets, I think, but email me so I have your contact info in case I decide to get rid of one of the TB 0 cotton blazers ($400). I am also getting rid of the “Hollywood” gray wool high-waisted pants. They are absolutely gorgeous (and can be worn with or without suspenders). You look like Cary Grant. Unfortunately, I think I may be *slightly* too short to pull them off. Size 0, cost $300. I think originally about $1,200? I am also left with:
    —a perfect, classic, fitted blue button-down Oxford shirt, $95. Size 2. Friend underestimated his size. Email me, anyone, if you desire these.

    And I actually have two things that didn’t work out for a female friend:
    —a button-down lightly white/blue striped button-down sleeveless cotton Oxford dress in a women’s size 0, and
    —a wool SS gray polo (lots of red, white, and blue), in a size XS. $95 and $100, respectively, at cost.

    If you want to reach me, here is the email address I set up for the last time I was way too exuberant at a sample sale:

    Honestly, it’s so hard to find size 34 (EU 44) (!!) suits, I couldn’t resist $2,500 and $3,000 Jil Sander suits for $450 a piece. Holler at me if you’re interested in taking these (medium gray and charcoal herringbone) off my hands at cost. I will check the exact price I paid, and I have measurements and as-worn photos now. I don’t have the stress of worrying about the hassle of eBaying this stuff, and you get a beautiful, really well constructed suit. If you’re one of the Beggars who already emailed me about the suits, again, sorry for my delay, I’ll send you the photos and measurements ASAP. And please be kind: I am not trying to use CB as a resale outlet. I am offering these at cost because I can’t keep them, and I hope they will go to a good home.

    P.S. Has anyone gone back to the Thom Browne sale today? Anything left? Worth going? Wait time to get in?

    Anon—and on and on!

  9. CORRECTION: women’s sleeveless Oxford dress SHIRT, not “dress.”

    Anon—and on and on!

  10. @Jook

    ZAP! Yes, that looks like the infamous red dot that countless employees spent enormous amounts of time applying to hundreds upon hundreds of tags in the hours leading up to the sale!

    I sympathize with the frustration that mercenary scoop-and-dump resellers inspire, but if the brands don’t want resale, item limits (as others on this board have noted) are definitely the way to go. In the case of TB, the red dot discourages resale and probably diminishes the resale value, as do higher prices at the sample sale itself, but there’s a bit of a wink and a nudge going on if they still let someone walk out the door with fifty ties!

    Anon—and on and on!

  11. @Anonymous

    Headed over in a little while. Will update this list. Or see above and email me, and I’ll email you if I see any 4s. If you want to deputize me, I’m happy to help.

    Anon—and on and on!

  12. Was just there. There’s still a decent number of jackets and pants and lots of shirts not in size 0. The knits, and ties are virtually nonexistent.
    Good number of womenswear as well. Picked up some blazers in 00

  13. @Anonymous

    There was one nice navy blazer in a 4 with gold ship’s-anchor sleeve buttons. Some shirts in your size also.

    Anon—and on and on!

  14. went there after work Thursday. Still quite a few stuff. Many 0 shirts and some good jackets in many sizes left. No ties. Still plenty of shoes at larger sizes (10 ~11 or 12?)

    Plenty ladies items (jacket/trouser/shirt dresses, etc…)

  15. To anybody going today please post if there are still items left. I would like to go there after work this afternoon. Thanks

  16. just called them. Was told there is a mark down from today (wasn’t told how much)

  17. Great men’s sale. Lot’s of nice shirts. If you are real thin then you are in luck for pants and jackets. Shirts of all sizes were down to 60$ and all the hanging merchandise (mostly size 0) was marked down with a red sharpie as well. Still some men’s shoes in larger sizes but it’s getting thin. I live nearby so I’ve been there a couple of times since it started. I still haven’t worn the black suede boots I bought at last year’s TB sample sale. FYI last year on the friday evening before they “sold out” early and ended the sale a day early my boots and shoes were $50-75 this year they started out Wednesday and Thursday at $300-450 – today, Friday, $200-$250 so prices are higher this year. Last year I got great cotton old-style boxer underwear for $10; I didn’t see any this year. Don’t know if there will be another price break on the last day. The shirts are worth the effort in my opinion.

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