Thom Browne Sample Sale

— Tue, 4th December 2012 —

Now that all the black-Tuesday, cyber-Sunday silliness is over, it’s time to get back to business. Officially, Thursday through Saturday, 12/6-12/8, Thom Browne is hosting a sample sale featuring, well, here‘s what readers found last fall.

The friends & family pre-sale is on Wednesday, 12/5, from 3m-7pm. To get in, you’ll need to RSVP — at rsvp@thombrowne — by 1pm on Wednesday. You’ll also be charged $25 at the door, all of which will go to the Mayor’s Fund for Hurricane Sandy.

Also, as the invite warns, “No eBay resellers permitted.”

Thom Browne Sample Sale – 210 11th Ave at 25th St, Suite 403 – Thurs-Sat 11am-7pm – Map

  1. i dont think you can make money reselling thom browne because there’s so much supply of it for sale. this guy thinks its still 2005.

  2. If you are size 0 or 1, this would be a great sale.



  3. @Jook you must not have been there last year. Literally, doors opened and a group of them scooped up almost the entire mens section, Thom Browne ebay sales spiked 130% ~ 2 weeks later. The last part I made up, but the first part is true,

  4. @sam that was directed to you, not JookieWookie

    “you must not have been there last year. Literally, doors opened and a group of them scooped up almost the entire mens section, Thom Browne ebay sales spiked 130% ~ 2 weeks later. The last part I made up, but the first part is true,”

  5. What sizes did they have last year? What is a 0 or 1 in normal chest size?


  6. Is Thom Brown quality? Once upon a time I thought Theory was, and that notion was shattered by their last sample sale.

  7. Andrew, I agree with Adam above, Thom Browne is very high quality, all made in USA or Japan and lasts. I have shirts and ties I have worn for years. Theory on the other hand is mostly made in china and does not last.

  8. just a word of caution: you can’t show up to the wednesday sale unless you have been invited by the thom browne team. they have a checklist that your name/RSVP will be checked against. the $25 Sandy donation is only for wednesday.

  9. So how to RSVP? On twitter? There’s no email address here or if rsvp@thombrowne is an incomplete one. Beggar, please respond quick. Thanks.

  10. I received a confirmation email last night saying I was confirmed for the list. I emailed my RSVP fairly early yesterday after announcing sale but not sure if they’re only taking a limited amount of RSVP’s. One would think they’d have to in order to avoid a chaotic situation. Good luck guys. I’ll report later…

  11. If anyone who sent in an RSVP and didn’t get an email back goes today and finds out they can still get in, let us know. I have no problems blowing off work for a reason, but having not gotten a response, not sure I can justify wandering over only to be savagely turned away.

  12. If anyone will please proxy,,, I’m interested in a suit and speckled pants sz 0,, email alexcasoe at hotmail dot com ,,, thanks

  13. Well, Bubu. Thom Browne is owned by a Japanese company anyway. You racist piece of shxt.

  14. I am here waiting. They did NOT respond to the RSVPs. If you sent one I was told you can get in. About 20-25 waiting so far. Also told lots of stuff but small sizes 0-1, some 2’s.

  15. Any sense what is available in size 4? ie – is it worth stopping by?


  16. Sale not worth it. Kinda sucked. First 10 people grabbed all the knits and good stuff. Still 25 in line and more than 25 inside when I left. Won’t be much left

  17. These sample sales ever hear of LIMITS?!! Damn. When a guy walks out w/ 10 sweaters, that should be a sign.

  18. There’s no RSVP list. If you show up they let you in. Prices are ok not great. Worth it for the shoes and boots. They’re not restocking. Whatever is out that’s it. I figure it’ll be cleaned by tomorrow.

  19. Some denim jackets lurking somewhere. Ties are cleaned out. Suits are, too. Tons of shirts in all sizes, but none of them are any good, really. Not worth the wait.

  20. Restocking if they decide to open more boxes of stuff. More boxes in the back. Just lazy.

  21. There is no line to get and no RSVP list. Stock for men is all sizes 00-5. Also a bunch of women stock also. Prices are definitely atleast double last year

    Shirts $95
    Suits $500
    Knits 275
    Ties 75
    Shoes 300
    Boots 400

    There was also scarves, jeans, pants, purses, and etc.

    Didn’t get prices for women. A lot of stock left since most ppl are buying.

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