Freemans Sporting Club Sample Sale

— Thu, 31st January 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 10.03.31 PMFriday through Sunday, 2/1-2/3, Freemans Sporting Club is hosting its seasonal sample sale featuring up to 70% off outerwear, suiting, knits, denim, shirting, … Bedford Jackets are down from $482 to $220; WWII Academy Trousers are down from $259 to $99; Shawl Neck Merino Cardigans are down from $398 to $120.

Freemans Sporting Club – 8 Rivington St btw Chrystie & Bowery – Fri-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 10am-6pm – 212-673-3209 – Map

  1. I guess I’ll check it out in late march to see if they discounted things more

  2. 2 months, does that mean that the line is very long? A little unclear. I am wondering if it is worth making the trek down there.

  3. YO! Joel lives in Brooklyn. Where do you live? Below 14th street? In the Financial District. Did you take some tite Jaeger shots last night and feel some plastic titties. did her spray tan rub off on you?! Now you dont have to go tanning today! Ya bro, bro bro.

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    oh fuck. I live on 15th streeet. this is all moot. fugggggggggged

  4. You guys live on the ground?

    >not living in the sky city above new york

  5. i live in Nolita. was at Rubirosa and Public and Peels this weekend. i do not go to FiDi. thanks.

    enjoy third and long or brother jimmy’s.

  6. jojo1 — love how you’re bragging about restaurants that aren’t really that fashionable or good.

  7. I appreciate that you like the one thing at that restaurant that is actually above average.

  8. Amazing sale, I think prices were a little better then listed. I picked up some Academy Trousers in wool for $50

  9. that’s a clown question bro. 15th street is chelsea. enjoy the manhole and rawhide. and ROLL TIDE!

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