Theory Sample Sale

— Mon, 14th January 2013 —

Through Thursday, 1/17, Clothingline is hosting one its Theory sample sale extravaganzas featuring tons of samples, overstock, and irregulars.

Theory Sample Sale – 261 W 36th St btw 7th & 8th – 2nd Fl – 11am-7pm – Map

  1. for men, its 90% sample sizes. the non-sample sizes are damaged, with a lot of them too damaged to be worth your time. but if you are 40R/32, you can score a suit for $150.

  2. wut – I was there yesterday, there wasn’t any suiting, or do you mean that you think there are matching pants and hjackets around. Prices btw are ~$50 shirts, pants $60, jackets 100, outerwear 135

  3. there are matching separates; i put one together but decided that the damage on the jacket was too much for a tailor to do anything for. oh well

  4. looking for a good peacoat for a decent price.. any suggestions? parkas as well.. was thinking about getting canadian goose but im not sure if i want to shell out that much on one.