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— Tue, 12th February 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 12.31.11 PMYep, yep. Yes, you can already shop Barneys Warehouse Sale online. If you want to get your hands dirty, however, the physical sale starts Thursday, 2/14, and goes through 2/24. As longtime readers know, one never cracks his wallet at BWS before the serious markdowns emerge later in the event. Whenever you visit — if you visit — stay focused with a wish list; stick to your sizing sections; and remember to wait for the markdowns!

Barneys Warehouse Sale – 255 W 17th St btwn 7th & 8th – 2-14-2/15 8am-9pm, 2/16-2/16 9am-8pm, 2/18-2/22 10am-9pm, 2/23-2/24 9am-8pm – 212-450-8400 – Map

  1. havent gone but apparently a lot of good deals on items with orange tags. Idk if its just for womens but since the warehouse sales are now gonna be focused on menswear im guessing there will be orange tag deals for men too. Im going to go later today

  2. Let me say, they mark up the stuff back to their pre 75% sale pricing. Only reason you would go on the first day is to find something in 50% range in decent size which was not displayed in NYC store.

  3. I ain’t even gonna say it. Ok, I’ll say it- the sale gets worse and worse every year. The suits don’t even reach wall to wall anymore. Now they have t-shirts, polos and sweaters against the wall where the 36 and 38s used to be. The room that used to be all sportswear is now the Blue Star room ,where everything is marked 75% off. The stuff in there is hideous.It’s the stuff that veterans of previous sales will recognize as having been at every sale for the last 5 years. That, and size XL stuff.


  4. Please let me know if they have a good amount of INCOTEX pants size 32

  5. They do have a decent amount of incotex pants, discounts are meager though

  6. Since they started the LA warehouse sale, the selection and discounted started to suck even more.

  7. The selection compared to previous years is considerably smaller as well as the discount.

  8. Stopped by today. Really nothing to note. Most of the menswear looks quick picked over. I’ll echo the comments above, those who have gone to previous sales will notice the usual suspects from seasons past. IMO, I think the warehouse sale’s day has come and gone.

    Charred Dorner

  9. Anybody know when the extra discounts go into effect? Thinking this weekend?

  10. new markdowns are 20% off casual pants.
    i wanted to walk out today with a great deal and brag on here, but boy howdy, this really is the worst sale ever. the selection is less than half from last time. they aren’t even using the back room anymore. there was nothing i wanted to keep my eyes on for further markdowns. i usually pop in 3 times, but no need for me to go back. shoes depleted. you’ll remember them from 6 months ago. barely any real designer wear. it was really pathetic. RIP warehouse sale of yore.

  11. Went last night not sure what to expect from all the neg reviews out there. It’s very true that this sale is maybe 1/3 of the usual fare, but depending on what you’re after, there’s still deals to be had. The BlueStar tags seem more abundant than previous sales and at least for me, that’s where the real bargains are. Found a Thom Browne Black Fleece Navy blazer for $120, a LVC (Levi’s Vintage Clothing) sweatshirt for $19 and a beautiful DVN sweater for $39. Designer wear is definitely slim pickings but it can still be found. Saw a few Camoshita sweaters (United Arrows) that are very reasonably priced, albeit from past seasons, some MP Massimo Piombo (Kiton) pieces that were ama$ing and a couple Cucinelli lace-ups that I hope are around after a decent markdown. So yeah, it’s much much smaller but still exciting if you know what I mean. .

  12. I thought that last year we saw price drops online as well. Is that not the case this year?

  13. Saturday or Sunday. Debating.

    They usually have deep discount on last day.

  14. total garbege, there is practically nothing letft, you’d have better luck thrifting, macklemore steez.

    happy gilmore

  15. today 50% of sportcoats and suits. 45% off sportswear. 30% off outerwear. Generally as bad as described. If you’re willing to dig like a pig in sh*t you’ll find something [hopefully]….

  16. There’s always great stuff to be found at amazing prices . It is for the dedicated, not for the Lazy Beggars.

  17. I’m sorry– I usually never post, but I had to disagree with the above two comments. I have always gone and spent hours picking through the same racks and digging through bins. The past two years I have found nothing. Nothing at all. In 2008, the sale was chock full of great deals– I walked away with Rag and Bone jeans for $20, Helmut Lang dress pants, amazing sweaters. Nowadays, you’re more likely to find that horribly ugly Coop brand dress shirt that has been hanging around for the past three sales. Perhaps if you’re super dedicated and willing to buy something mediocre you might come away happy, but I think that if you’re genuinely interested in buying good clothing, this is not the place for you.

  18. Found some great suits/jackets- boglioli, andrea campagna, rlbl…granted not the best bw sale but def not “empty.”

  19. this one is not great, for sure, but there was stuff to be found in the blue star section (75% off). i saw a khaki single-breasted blazer by ami for $250 (w additional 75% off) that wasn’t so bad. a few Etro and Alexander McQueen pieces. a pair of Dries Van Noten lace-ups in camel in size 11; although at ~$430 (w 30% off), it was still pricey. i walked away w a Costume National blazer, blue-star, marked down to final price of $177; they weren’t giving it away, but it was still a solid 80+% off retail.

  20. Went there today. Surprised that men’s section was cut in half. Nothing left.

    Discount sucked. Blue star = garbage. A lot more security.

  21. Just got back. Have built my wardrobe at the Barneys Warehouse the past eight years. Definitely slim pickings the past three sales or so, but was pleasantly surprised today that I could do some real digging for a few hours and come up with nice pieces. Mind you, it took a few hours and some of the real choice pieces were lucky finds that were out of place.

    Also keep in mind, the pricing discounts of yesteryear are gone. If you found a pair of 7 jeans on the last weekend a few years ago, you would be able to pick it up for $25 to $35 tops. Today, I paid $60 for them. (Denim only 40 percent off)

    If you are willing to dig, and understand that you aren’t going to get the real steals anymore, then it’s worth a trip.

  22. Picked up a Boglioli peacoat that some of you may have seen the blue star section. Despite the lack of merchandise, it was a good deal for what I paid.

  23. I was there yesterday but failed to see that Boglioli jacket. Nice find! That BlueStar rack seemed to have new entry’s every couple hours. Browsed that section when I first got there and nothing. Returned before I left and found a Chimala sweatshirt for $4! (down from $188.) Also found an Ami button down for $25 ($255.) Add that to earlier finds and I have to say I got really decent stuff for next to nothing this year. Definitely had to comb the racks longer and visit a few times but at the end I came out way ahead. Glad to read that, at least for men, this sale will continue.

  24. Also found some blue star items, nothing crazy though. some chinos from varvatos for $30, and theory $20. didn’t see too much else, but i’ll take a pair of pants for 90% off.

    Was this extended?

  25. did the blue star markdown change final day? It was 75% off on Thursday afternoon…

  26. yes – blue star went to 90% off. rest of casual/sportswear was 75% off. shoes went down to 75% off, too.

  27. BlueStar stayed the same all week, which was unfortunate. Discounts could have been better on the last day as I’m sure there’s plenty of stock leftover. I guess we’ll see this same stuff in August.

  28. I was there on the last day when I found the Boglioli jacket (which was on the rack with regular coats, BTW), and it was only 75% off. Did I miss something? Did I overpay?

  29. AX – Short answer is no. If you like the jacket, who cares how much you paid.

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