Fjällräven Sample Sale

— Tue, 5th February 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 11.32.38 AMThursday through the last Sunday of the month, 2/7-2/24, Sweden’s own Fjällräven is hosting its semiannual sample sale featuring markdowns on outerwear ($50 to $175); woven knits ($40 to $80); pants ($40 to $90) …. Also, early sale shoppers will get a free pair of Darn Tough socks while supplies last.

Fjällräven Sample Sale – 21 Howard St btw Lafayette & Broadway – Mon-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat-Sun 12pm-5pm – Map

  1. The selection was pretty decent when I was there ( ~6:00PM). The bags on the table were all $30 (rucksack and messenger) Not sure about the kanken backpacks hanging on the wall

  2. if you wear a medium in this brand (meaning if you wear a large in any other brand), then the jackets there are a steal for you. they have a lot of bins with $10 dollar t-shirts, a table with $50 sweaters/shirts, hats for $20 belts for $10.. good sale, especially if you need winter stuff at a relatively cheaper price.

  3. I thought they were on Mott? Or is this just a pop up for their sale?

  4. Most of the stuff is more of the outdoor/sporting lines. Didn’t see too much of the Greenlands etc

  5. Nice sale. Picked up a cantwell jacket for $136. Originally $400. Want an alternative for your winter jacket, go check it out. Asked a rep if they will be restocking and they said no.

  6. @ tom G. yes. I usually wear large and I bought a size M for a jacket.

  7. Womens shirts seemed to have no consistency with sizing, however they had some cute stuff. No cape jackets as I was hoping. Also, they did have backpacks, but not the boxy cute square ones. Definitely some good stuff just wasn’t having a great day for things fitting my tiny frame.

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