H.W. Carter & Sons Sample Sale

— Thu, 21st February 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 10.46.24 AMVery interesting. Friday through Sunday, 2/22-2/24, H.W. Carter & Sons is hosting a sample sale, featuring stock for $50-$100, along with offerings from Gitman Bros., Our Legacy, Gloverall, Stone Island, Monitaly, Red Wing Heritage, Yuketen, Engineered Garments, and Mark McNairy New Amsterdam — all for $50-$350. Including a stop at Peter Luger could make for the perfect afternoon.

H.W. Carter & Sons Sample Sale – 109 S. 5th St. in Williamsburg, Suite 501, Fri 10am-6pm, Sat-Sun 11am-5pm – Map

  1. Just got back from this. Good selection ranging from XS-XL in a variety of jackets, pants, coats, and shirts. Also some ties and socks there. Very strong selection in particular of denim jackets and jeans.

    When I went, the building this is in had construction workers right at the front door, but it’s definitely open so don’t let that scare you away.

  2. @Pk In their own brand: jeans, denim jackets, cotton coats, ties, socks, t-shirts, casual button-downs. As advertised, all was priced in the $50-100 range (from what I saw, $50 for button-downs, $60-80 for jeans, $100 for the coats). They had a lot of button-downs from some of the other brands listed above that seemed to all be in the $75-90 range, and then a whole rack of heavy winter/lighter fall coats that I didn’t take a good look at.

    @curious I was mostly there scouting for a friend who was stuck at work but really loves this brand, but I ended up leaving with this guy: http://www.hwcarterandsons.com/product/shop/outerwear/jackets/field-jacket/clay.html for $100.

    I’ll spend a few minutes and poke through the rest of their site to see what I recognize, so I can give some specifics on what you can find there.

  3. Just checked it out, good sale. Justin is super helpful. Stone Island coats $200, MonItaly vests/outerwear $200 range, Engineered Garments knits/coats $150, Hillside ties $30, and a wide variety of HW Carters gear… jeans $80, outerwear/jackets $100, shirts $50. Some samples without labels were negotiable. I picked up an HWC jacket for $100
    and HWC vest for $100. Free bandanas!

  4. Ton of house brand, scant in terms of everything else … except Stone Island — seemed to be quite a bit, including a bunch of heavier coats. No Yuketens, Red Wings, or shoes in general, unless I missed them altogether.

  5. Great sale with awesome staff (and puppy). Stock is thin but all quality. Worth a trip even if u leave with just a tie.

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