Italian Sportswear Sample Sale

— Tue, 12th February 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 1.54.30 PMLove this sort of event. Saturday only, 2/16, Imparali Custom Tailors is hosting a sample sale featuring high-end Italian sportswear. “Expect mostly high end hard-to-find Italian labels like Boglioli (K Jackets starting from $300 in linen and silk to $600 in 100% washed wool as well as coats), Partenopea (ranging from linen blends to 100% Baby Cashmere), Allegri, Piombo, Barena and Montedoro Red as well as Isaia, Eremngildo Zegna (Duo street and resort jackets) and Canali,” we’re told. Also expect: “Some accessories from Tom Ford (ties, pocket squares) and Florentine bespoke shoe maker Roberto Uglioli will be available, in addition to a few high end vintage pieces.” Blazers will start at $150. As a bonus, Imparali is offering 10% all alterations at the event. The organizers are asking that you please RSVP to attend the event at, as space is limited.

Italian Sportswear Sample Sale – Imparali Custom Tailors – 608 Fifth Ave btw 48th & 49th –  Suite 310 – 212-245-5555 – 10am-6pm – Map

  1. Hello All,

    Partenopea will start off at $350 in linen cool wool blends and go to $800 for the baby cashmere (we only have one in size 52).

    Isaia jackets range from $450-750

    We have nothing smaller than EUR 50 in either Partneopea or Isaia.

    All other brands we have from 38-46 and even on beautiful Partenopea in size 48 US (fits like a 46US)

    We are getting a lot of request fro size 38, so if this is your size I would plan on getting in early, although we are trying to source more now.

    We also have small selection of pants from valentini, incotex and boglioli.

    If you cannot arrive until later and you are worried about you size being sold out, feel free to text me at 646.352.3176 and I will update you on stock.

    Look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


  2. Correction…see you on Saturday not Sunday…the sale is only 10am – 6 Saturday…

  3. Dave, thanks for the message! Please note, we will not have any suits at the sale (besides a Boglioli virgin wool stunner in size 52 for $550 from $2500…please note they run short!); this beautiful sport coats in all fabrics, DB jackets, Neapolitan outerwear and accessories. If you wear a 34-36R in jacket, pickings will be slim BUT we might be able to source similar jackets to what we have…so it might be worthwhile to attend anyway. We are constantly getting new shipments from Italy.

  4. Geoff – Whats the Barena stock looking like? Price points? 48-50 (euro sizing)

  5. Flipsilk, Unfortunately I won’t be able to review the packing list until tonight, but I know for all lines except Partenopea we have size 38…but it’s pretty limited. We tried to get some more in 38 sent from Italy but it has not arrived…so if we don’t have in your size tomorrow, we might be able to source one for you within the next week.

    We have a lot of jackets, but many of them we just have one, so we recommend to everyone getting there as early as possible!:)

  6. Wow…pretty amazing stuff but a mess…you really have to look through things. Got a K jacket in summer wool for $450 from last year and partenopea cashmere for $500…insane…

    Greg Winthrop

  7. Awesome selection and amazing prices. Plenty of coats in different sizes as well as knit ties and pocket squares. I picked up a Boglioli washed wool jacket and a Tom Ford pocket square and my friend got a Zegna jacket and square. If you have some time or are in the area definitely check it out!

    It’s actually great that its at a tailor shop. There are plenty of people around to advise you on fit as well as alteration feasibility, regardless of where you get your alterations done.

  8. Yes…we have lots of beautiful jackets in…just got some new K jackets and Partenopea in….and we will be here until 6! If you want to check on any please call or text 6453523176, thanks!

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