Kiton Warehouse Sale

— Fri, 8th February 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 3.15.20 PMSunday through Tuesday, 2/10-2/12, Soiffer Haskin is hosting a Kiton Warehouse sale featuring deep discounts on superior suiting, shirting, outerwear, pants, knitwear, ties, and footwear.

Kiton Warehouse Sale – Soiffer Haskin – 317 W 33rd between 8th & 9th – 9am-6pm Daily – 718-747-1656 – Credit Cards OnlyMap

  1. 75% retail
    Suits from $3000-8000
    Outterwear $1000-6000
    Shirts $400-800
    Shoes $900-4000
    Ties $200-400
    Sweaters $600-$2000

    Mostly size 50
    Blah selection
    Very small size 48

    Few racks of 85% of as is (damaged)
    Few racks of women

    Unless you really love Kiton and willing to fork out that much, not worth it.

  2. Are those prices above the actual retail or after markdown? I’m assuming the first correct? Thanks!

  3. Yes retail prices. Didn’t want do math and you have do math when you are there.

  4. Mind you most of the cheaper end of things were getting picked over quickly. Most suits I looked were in the the $6000-7000 range. Most of the shoes were in $2500. Knits in $1600 range. Ties in $280.

  5. I second Jookie”s comments. Very blah selection indeed. Not worth the trip. Dissapointing

  6. Some of the outerwear was north of $10,000 retail. They are not restocking. Apparently it was the last 10 years of inventory / excess they were cleaning out so some stuff pretty dated. A few nice pocket organizers as well for $1,200 retail but I could not pull the trigger. Even for blue crocodile.

  7. How is the selection of large sizes for men 54L, 56L shirts 17 and 17.5.

  8. @Anonymous – absolutely not worth flying in. There were tons of people there this morning so I imagine the reasonable and reasonably priced stuff will be picked over fairly soon.

    Random Beggar

  9. So…I will say that some of the ties were a pretty good deal. There were some rather nice knit ties for around $60 after discount, which is a pretty solid buy. Agree on the suits, jackets and outerwear – what wasn’t picked over was pretty damn hideous. The shirt selection was also pretty lame (in style and cut)…and even at 75% off, it was fairly steep. Shoes were scuffed; definitely floor models…and event at discount, you’re paying full retail on a pair of Alden’s, so I’d say not remotely worth it there, either. Also, for the women: while there was a decent selection, it was pretty terrifying. There were PLEATED women’s jeans there. Repeat, pleated jeans.

  10. “you’re paying full retail on a pair of Alden’s”

    wait what?!?! Those shoes are on a completely different level of workmanship and quality than Alden’s, and at approx $750+tax are actually quite a good deal.

  11. Sizes in shoes were pretty widespread but they run a little big (I am a 9 and was trying on 8s). The ties in the “as-is” section were the best deal. Walked out with a pair of cashmere socks (for $12.50), two ties and a shirt, all from the as is section for $196 total.

    There was a line outside this morning, according to one salesman. I arrived at 10am to a pretty packed house.

  12. “wait what?!?! Those shoes are on a completely different level of workmanship and quality than Alden’s, and at approx $750+tax are actually quite a good deal.”

    That’s insanity. There is literally nothing other than cachet that justifies the $3k retail pricetag. They are “off the rack” shoes and you can get custom shoes for half the price. Even at $750, for someone’s leftovers mind you, you are better off gettin Aldens where you can send them back to the factory and justify the $600-800 price tag because they will last you much much longer. The quality and workmanship of Alden is top notch, especially for something that is not custom. There’s no secret sauce here, handmade shoes are handmade shoes, not to mention the leather you are getting for $600-800 for Aldens is most likely going to be cordovan. Comments like this drive me nuts.

  13. complete shit show. suits from the 80’s /90’s at 7000 + retail.. even with 80% off.. its still 1400 for a suit. real waste of time. only thing worth it were socks.. but only size 12 available. (10 dollars each)

  14. David, while I’ll grant that Kiton’s shoes may not be worth the original $3k price tag, I stand by my original assertions that at $750 they are a very, VERY good deal AND that the workmanship is substantially substantially higher than that offered by Alden. Nothing about my original comment was intended to “justify the $3k retail pricetag.”

    Now, even at $750 you may not value that workmanship enough to buy the shoe, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Your argument seems to be more about what “you are better off getting.” I have no idea why you think Kiton shoes wouldn’t last just as long as a pair of Aldens unless you think that Alden’s recrafting service is some sort of “secret sauce.” There’s no reason why you couldn’t have Kiton shoes resoled, repaired, and refurbished by a competent cobbler like B. Nelson. I know plenty of people who prefer to do that with their Alden’s rather than go through the recrafting service offered by the company (which is now $159).

    Finally, I have no idea what you mean by “someone’s leftovers” as the shoes I looked at were unscuffed and had no signs of wear on the bottom.

  15. This sale was extended by one day, so if you are in the mood to spend $110 on a polo shirt and $150 on garish pants, head right over. Stopped by last night and only walked away with two pairs of socks for $9 each. Even at 85% off, the deals are not really there.



  17. Went yesterday during lunch. Great finds but barely anything left.

    3 cashmere ties – $28 each – marked “as is” meaning they were damages. Two of them had pulls on the back so they look perfect when worn. On the third one the part where the back of the tie slips in was stitched on one side – simple fix.

    1 Shirt – $105

    1 Cashmere sweater – $129 – I couldn’t resist because it was baby cashmere and seamless,

    I wish I knew about this earlier, I bet the tie selection was great. When I went there were like 20 ties, 10 of which were badly damaged…

    I wish they had more dress shirts in small sizes.

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