Ale et Ange Sample Sale

— Thu, 21st March 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 2.19.49 PMHope you’re in the city for this. Starting Friday, 3/22, Ale et Ange is hosting a sample sale featuring hats (down from $325 and $225 to $100 and $65); sample hats (for $35-$100); sample bags (starting at $35); tees (down from $185 and $105 to $45); shirts (down from $345 and $175 to $195 and $50); blazers (down from $675 to $145); jackets (down from $495 to $145); ties (down from $185 to $50); denim (down from $395 and $295 to $125); trousers (down from $495 and $395 to $125); and scarves (down from $295 and $125 to $30). Event’s scheduled to run for a couple of weeks.

Ale et Ange – 40 Rivington btw Forsyth & Eldridge, Store Hours: Mon-Sat 1-8pm, Sunday 1-7pm – 212-228-9865 – Map

  1. Are you fucking kidding me?! I love Choosy Beggar, but are we really freaking out over $325 baseball caps we can now get for $100? What the fuck. This is why we don’t have affordable healthcare in this country.

  2. Unsure that’s directly the reason. You can still grab one for 35$…

  3. Matt has obviously never seen or touched much less worn one of these hats!!! Everything isn’t for everybody 🙂 maybe you need to get a better job, or uniqlo and H&M are located on broadway. Great shit ain’t cheap!!! Since when do people get angry when they can’t afford something???

  4. yeah man! get a better job! i don’t know how to define “better”, but go get one, man!

  5. Be outraged at your @ your pay check!!! Shop at urban outfitters then. If you walk around all day outraged at the prices of things you have never even seen you should see a rage management councilor 🙂

  6. if you all were such hot shit, you wouldn’t be at choosy beggar looking for discounts on expensive gear! you probably havent worked an honest day in your lives.

  7. Can we just agree that anyone who pays $350 for a hat, especially the ones pictured above which look like Beiber wardrobe rejects, is a grade A moron?

  8. Its your money and your style – spend however you want. Harsh.

  9. people…if this label has to drop the price from $350 to $35, apparently no one thinks theyre worth the money.

  10. Their sales are usually private and only customers are invited. I’m surprised to see it on this blog. They make high end limited edition shit. Only 20 of each hat maximum. Like I said its not for everybody.

  11. Apparently the editions are not limited enough because they are selling these editions at a discount now. If limited edition or exclusivity is their thing, then maybe they should just destroy their left over inventory like Louis Vuitton. Personally, if i’m paying hundreds or thousands of dollars on an article of clothing it better be made of some nice materials and also made in Italy, England, France, or the Ole USA. Don’t know about this brand, but it sure has brought in some comments.

  12. I’ve been to this shop twice, just to browse. By accident I walked in the first time and second time, I was with someone and wanted to show nicely made things. They have very nice hand made stuff. Are they worth the price? Isn’t that a personal judgment call? People eat food made with saffron, truffles, and fatty part of a tuna (not all in one dish) because people simply want to and can afford to. I think we should let the market speak for themselves. Pay with your wallet, not with your mouths.

  13. Frankly, I’m shocked that anyone would publicly advocate for $350+ baseball caps. “Leelah” almost certainly works for this company because how could a non-compensated person reasonably assert that there is a 1000% difference in quality between the manufacture of one of these monstrosities (really, look at the site, most of them are hideous – like these are rejected costume designs for the background extras on “Girls”) and anything you could find in a little league dugout. But even if it were the case that there was a linear relationship between the price of these caps and their quality, why should anybody buy them? “Leelah” makes the assertion that anybody who does not wish to spend an amount that surpasses what many Americans are paid in a week is doing so only because they “need a better job”. Perhaps. Or maybe it’s because they are not Patrick Bateman.

  14. hey…i respect leelah…she’s just trying to rip off some ridiculously stupid rapper and their wardrobe buyer. thats fine with me.

    most of us are too intelligent to think this stuff is any less than retarded.

  15. I wish I worked there!! would love a discount!!! I’m just saying everything isn’t for everyone, I’m not mad at Chanel because I can’t afford it. I’ll just have to work harder to get it. That’s all I’m saying. I hope they read this and hire me 🙂 that would be brilliant! I would have you all to thank 🙂 Then I wouldn’t have all this free time like you guys to comment negatively on things I know nothing about. There are hats out there that cost 3 times that price, I’m just sayin 🙂

  16. The better job comment was for homeboy who was complaining about health care. The healthcare comes with the better job. Lol

  17. Pffff people complain about expensive merchandise and others playing it big with job money heathcare while being on a sale site.

  18. Honestly, I don’t know why you are all going crazy about a hat for $350. I am sure there are hats that go for much more than that. Something is worth what people are willing to pay for it. I know people who spend $450 – $650 for a single dress shirt. That sounds ridiculious to me BUT only because you can buy the same shirt at a deep discount online at any time.

    I am an associate at a corproate law firm and by no means “rich” (not pulling in millions) but if I really like something, regardless of what it is, and it is only $350, I am going to buy it. I’ve spent just as much on a numebr on clothing items and assessories. If someone living in NYC is shocked by a $350 hat they obviously just started playing this game.

    Go to Barney’s or Bergdorf.

    Or go back to school…

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