Hickey Freeman Warehouse Sale

— Sun, 17th March 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 6.09.25 PMThrough Thursday, 3/21, Soiffer Haskin is hosting a Hickey Freeman/Bobby Jones warehouse sale featuring up to 80% off tons of sportswear and suiting.

Hickey Freeman/Bobby Jones Warehouse Sale – Soiffer Haskin – 317 W 33rd between 8th & 9th – Sun 9am-6pm, Mon-Wed 9am-6:30pm, Thurs 9am-5pm – 718-747-1656 – Credit Cards OnlyMap

  1. Has anyone checked this out? Interested to know what the selection and pricing is like.

  2. I went late Monday afternoon. Hickey Freeman suits were $599 or 3 for $1,500. There were lots of suits, but nothing I found to my liking (I’d find a fabric I liked but it would be 3 button or pleated pants, etc.) HF dress pants were $99. Lots of Bobby Jones golf shirts for $50. Some HF and BJ sweaters from $75 to $200. Loads of ties, all Hart Shaffner and Marx for $49. Net-net, there was lots of product but nothing I really wanted. It was not very crowded. I found one HF winter suit I’d have picked up for $200 or $300 but not at $599. Hope that helps.

  3. What happens to all the merchandise that doesn’t sell at these sample sales? Usually much left over (at least at Soiffer-Haskin).

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