Comme des Garcons Warehouse Sale

— Thu, 9th May 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 1.00.15 PM Sure to be an absolute shit show, Comme des Garcons is hosting its next warehouse sale Friday through Monday, 5/10-5/13. Expect up to 70% off ready-to-wear and heart-covered accessories. See what readers found at the last event here. Diehards can try their luck at an exclusive, Thursday-night press event.

Comme des Garcons Warehouse Sale –137 W 30th btw 6th & 7th – Fri-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 12pm-8pm, Monday 10am-7pm

  1. How early do you think I should line up tomorrow morning to get my hands on the goods first? is 8am too late?


  2. @Anonymous – i’ve been waiting in line since yesterday.

  3. Waited 1 hour in line .. and gave up (still prob had 15 more min…).


  4. Line was completely inside the building and took ~40 minutes at 2pm. A few wearable items from CdG shirt but mostly statement-wear.

  5. Anyone know if they do additional markdowns on the last day? Found something I loved but was still too pricey. I’m guessing no but thought i would ask.

  6. Great selections, a LOT from Junya, the runway collection, and CdG Shirt. Stock will reputedly be replenished all days. Do not know about a last-day mark-down, but here’s hoping!

    Obviously prices aren’t going to hit rock bottom (esp. for the jackets/coats), but considering it’s CdG this is probably as low as it’ll ever get. Got a fantastic CdG-Junya Watanabe overcoat for around $300, down from over $1k.

  7. Hey Outline,

    I posted pictures I took from the CDG sale yesterday and some of my insights on my Tumblr site. Feel free to check it out at

  8. 80 people on the line- 50 of them were asian lol. Regret standing in line, most of the stuff was ugly and unwearable (speedo x cdg (what were they thinking???), nike x cdg, etc).


  9. 48 people on the line today….13 were white, 22 were asian, 5 were black, 8 were mixed/other…..

    Oh, I thought it was relevant to the sale.

  10. I know. If you wanna give that specific of a number at least make a point.

    Also, for those who said the stuff was “ugly”.. It’s Comme Des Garcons, I don’t know why would you expect anything other than “out-there” stuff. Sometimes the comments here confuse me, it seems like people line up for something just for the sake of it. You stand in line for an hour and you don’t even have an idea what you’re lining up for?

  11. Lmao, can’t believe people went to a comme sale for “wearable” stuff and then complain about what they saw….

  12. thanks for counting the number of asians online. i wasn’t really sure whether to check the sale out until i heard that.

  13. Went on Friday and the line was out of control. Once in you had to zoom in on what you really wanted cause if you did not, it was gone. I was looking for the comme play series but they were all gone as I did not come early. Prices even with the 70% off were a little pricey but considering retail for this brand is very expensive, their markdowns were respectable. Keep in mind that pieces are one of a kind so if you can at least buy one item, it’s definitely a good idea.

    Ben Official

  14. Anyone there today? I’m going in again around noon. Would be nice if they have any special markdowns today.

  15. Sorry, I guess my sarcasm wasn’t caught. That’s exactly what I meant by posting that comment….I don’t understand the point of someone posting who’s waiting on line either.

  16. There was a huge amount of stuff there Saturday 3pm, even with often just one item of each. Fair amount of mens small sizes, almost no XS. Line was 30mins.

  17. No line today but so expensive. How high is your tolerance for patchwork clothing ? I had better luck at the staff USA sale

  18. Thanks for the pictures mate. Was there are any Junya Watanabe stuff? Or trickers/cdg? any perfumes?

  19. outline: PLENTY of Watanabe material, and I did see some Trickers as well. I got a CdG Junya Watanabe x Levi’s wool jacket.

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