J. Press & York St. Sample Sale

— Tue, 7th May 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 6.10.36 PMWednesday through Friday, 5/8-5/10, J. Press is hosting a sample sale featuring house label and its more youthful, slimmer fitting line, York St. (pictured). Expect cotton jackets for $297 (normally $595);  polo shirts for $57 (down from $115); ties for $10, sweaters for $40;  tees for $10; etc.

J.Press Sample Sample – 530 7th Ave btw 38th & 39th, 29th Fl – 11am-6pm Daily – 212-997-3600 – Map

  1. Standard J. Press sample sale fare, only with plenty of York Street stuff added. The York Street clothes are all sample size which for them is medium (a real, smaller medium, not typical J. Press medium). I wear a 40 or 42 jacket and they were too tight for me.

    Otherwise, plenty of pocket squares, ties, boxers, and all the typical shirts/pants/suits etc. Normal stuff was 70% off, York Street might have been cheaper, I didn’t pay too much attention.

    They have about a dozen shawl collar tuxedos for $20 a piece on the damaged rack, but they’re all 40-44 extra long or short. They’ve been there for a while and no one ever seems to buy them, so if you’re a 40, 41, 42, or 44 short and want a really inexpensive shawl collar tuxedo, definitely go to the sale. Some of them are faded a little but hard to complain for $20.

  2. ties & belts – $15
    York Street blazers and outerwear – $50

    solid selection of stuff. beware the variance in fits

  3. so let me ask you… any shoes? and were they for the feet?


  4. Thanks JS, just picked up a 41S Tux. Has dome damage I hope to fix up, but for $20 no worries. I also wanted Silk Knit ties but all the nice ones seem to be gone already.

  5. I second JS’ comments. Just picked up a white outerwear jacket, two tank tops, a tie, and a v-neck sweater for less than $150. This sale is tres bon for guys who are a medium.

    Bizaro Jojo1

  6. sale was great for mediums. almost no york street blazers, but plenty of regular jpress ones.

  7. I’d add that almost nothing available (aside from seersucker) is even remotely summerweight. Not surprising, but just an FYI. Also as a 6’4″ guy, those tuxedos only appear to be short, as far as I can tell. In case other tall folks were considering heading down for them.


  8. They are basically giving the York St. Stuff away so I bought a lot of it, even though it’s a little too tight for me (normally a 42). Tight clothes are cool now, right?


  9. @anon close to no 36.. a few 38.. great sale for those who want anything 42R

  10. Got a 41S tux. it’s listed as damaged, but the sales person said they were just unloading it because they were a bit out of style. Shawl lapel, one button. I don’t think that’s bad for me, so 20 bucks was fine. I still can’t find any damage, inside or outside. there were at least 5 more 41S tuxes, as well as one 44, i think. i think they were all S.

    Tuxedo Sam

  11. No good. The tuxes are sized for shorter of the lannister boys.

  12. Jojo always pays his debts…. sometimes in shoes (for the feet)


  13. @TuxedoSam from what I can tell, the collars were stained / sun stain, but not so bad that you can’t wear it. Shawl neck is definitely not out of style, though many wear Notched Lapels (which is the incorrect style for a tux – peak or shawl only).

  14. Damn I missed this one! I’m glad that JPress has brought back their samples sales once again from its previous hiatus. I don’t suppose theres any news of the next sale? Is it usually in the early Fall?

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