Joseph Abboud Warehouse Sale

— Sat, 18th May 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-05-18 at 9.57.03 PMSunday through Thursday, 5/19-5/23, Soiffer Haskin is hosting a big Joseph Abboud warehouse sale featuring deep discounts on sportswear and suiting. Looking over spring 2013, we were left wondering where one would wear these clothes. (Correct answer: taking down drug smugglers via speed boat along the Miami coast in 1984.)

Joseph Abboud Warehouse Sale – Soiffer Haskin – 317 W 33rd btwn 8th & 9th – Sun 9am-6pm, Mon-Wed 9am-7pm, Thurs 9pm-5pm – Credit Cards Only Map

  1. Anyone been to one of these before and are they worth going to?

    The Hickey Freeman sales at SH are always hit or miss.

  2. Jojo1, that is a grammatical rule up with which I will not put.

  3. Sale similar to Hickey but cheaper and not as much selection


  4. Sale similar to Hickey but cheaper and not as much selection

  5. Suits in colors and sizes for old fat farts,
    don’t waste your time especially if you don’t like excessive shoulder padding

  6. hey bubu – sounds like we finally found a sale for you!

    The JoJo1

  7. Jojo, I already hit this sale. They didn’t have those special undies you like me to wear. Or any shoes for my feet

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