M5 (Nigel Cabourn) Sample Sale

— Tue, 28th May 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 11.39.13 AMThrough Friday, 5/31,  M5 Showroom is hosting its seasonal sample sale featuring C.P. Company, Stone Island, Mason, Boglioni, and select Nigel Cabourn.

M5 Showroom Sale – 375 West Broadway btw, Suite 501 – Cash Only – 11am-6pm Daily – 212-334-4744 ‎ – Map

  1. Cash only? How big are the markdowns? Or do I need to stop by 3 different ATMs on my way there?

  2. why would it matter how many ATMs you go to? the limit is on your card, not from the ATM machine (if legit, not some thirdparty machine in a Kennedy Fried Chicken).

    The JoJo123

  3. Bad enough that it is cash only but also very expensive.They are charging full wholesale prices. For example Cabourn shirts are $125 – $240. Also not alot of stock.

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