Ovadia & Sons Sample Sale

— Thu, 16th May 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.46.50 PMFriday and Sunday, 5/17-/5/19 — but not SaturdayOvadia & Sons is hosting a sample sale featuring discounts on smart sportswear.

Ovadia & Sons Sample Sale – 155 Wooster St at West Houston, Suite 4R – Fri 9am-4pm, Sat Closed, Sun 11am-5pm – Map

  1. Fantastic sale, though limited stock so get there soon. Lots of blazers priced between $100-300, shirts (mostly 15s) for $30-50 and ties for $20. Small selection of shoes. Trousers too, mostly super small or really big, under $100.

  2. I won’t be able to make it until Sunday. Hopefully they will use Sunday to restock

  3. Asked sales rep. Said they are not restocking. Awkward, boxy cut to the jackets. Nicely constructed, though. Many neckties were weird. Nice bow ties.

    Anon... And on...

  4. Heard the same re: no restocks. This was a true sample sale and not just an overstock sale so make sure to try things on. There were variances in the fit of jackets marked with the same size. I wanted to buy a 40R navy seersucker suit and was surprised when it fit like a 38R or even smaller. But then ended up getting a 40R navy seersucker blazer which fit perfectly.

  5. What about shoes? Style?s sizes?

    Any left at the end of the day?

    Couldn’t make it today and want to know if it is worth it going on Sunday.

  6. Well that sucks…I’ll still check it out Sunday


  7. the sale sucked…prices were decent but there’s was nothing there so it didnt really matter.

  8. Jojo did they shoes? I mean shoes. Shoes for your feet?

  9. Nothing left because some Asian people came in bought the whole store

  10. No discount at the last hour. 5 jackets left. 40 – 46.

    Picked up two jackets in 40 thinking that I will get them fitted but regretting it already.

  11. Not much left when I went they had two really nice I picked double breasted blazers left, and a flannel one as well, and few pairs of pants. I picked up a 38 blazer that fit like a 36, and two pairs of pants. Hopefully the next one will be better

  12. Was shocked by the limited quantities the had considering it was their first sale. They must be selling a lot at the retail level.

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