Shipley & Halmos Sample Sale

— Wed, 29th May 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 11.49.05 AMThursday through Saturday, 5/30-6/1, Shipley & Halmos is hosting its seasonal sample sale featuring up to 75% off present and past seasons’ stock. Expect tees and polos for $35; woven shirts for $65; sweaters for $85; outerwear for $200; leather jackets for $250, wool blazers for $200; cotton blazers for $150; wool suit pants for $100, cotton suit pants for $75; casual pants and denim for $75…

Shipley & Halmos Sample Sale – 8 Greene St nr Canal – 2nd Fl – Thurs 12pm-8pm, Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 12pm-5pm – 212-966-8781 – Map

  1. Better prices than I remember from previous years:
    Socks – $10
    Shirts – $65
    Blazers – $150-$200
    Ties – $35
    Tees & polos – $35
    Pants – $75-$100
    Shoes – $85-$100

    All sizes XS-XL. Not a ton of stock. Not a ton of current season.

  2. From memory:
    Pants appeared to be 85% or so in 32. Very nice selection in that size. Didn’t have anything in 28 🙁

    Lots of 30s as well.
    Suiting / outwear was well distributed across all sizes.

    Shirts, buttondowns, sweaters were mostly medium, very few decent pieces in small.

    Shoes were seemingly either 7, 11, or 12. Very large selection of shoes and the prices were really reasonable. Mostly brown oxfords and desert boots in a variety of colors.


  3. is it worth going guys? did anyone pick up anything slick?

  4. China, China, China
    Read the labels from your clothes, 90% of clothing is made in China
    Buy it if it looks good on you!

  5. I agree
    I just took off my clothes. I was looking good in after work shorts and a white polo.
    Shorts – Peguin Made in Bangladesh
    Underwear – Calvin Made in China
    Jacket – Boss Made in China
    Shirt – Banana Made in China
    Socks – Gold Toe Made ???
    Sneaks – Diesel Made in Veitnam
    I can state more than one political, economic, or humanitarian problem with each country.
    What am I supposed to wear?
    Gilded Age, Perse, Earnest Sewn …..
    Prada? Made in Italy?? Guessing. Most items are – 50 to 100% polyester or some other man made petroleum product.
    I guess, first and foremost – I buy made clothes based on natural products – 100% cotton. And I live in NYC, so I try to Never pay full price!

  6. NO- 90% of crap clothing is made in Bangladesh / China and Vietnam. You want the good stuff from Italy or England and Shitley and Hopeless are NOT it.

  7. You want to hear Italy’s worst kept secret? There are hundred of factories there, owned by Chinese, staffed by illegal Chinese workers, that produce products stamped with a Made in Italy label. Labels don’t guarantee anything.

    If you want quality, you have to know it when you see it.


  8. Italy isn’t much better. Read the book Gomorrah for details about the mob-run factories for high-end labels that pay tailors peanuts.

  9. Has anyone been to the AG sample sale? can you tell some prices?


    AG sample sale

  10. Try Flint and Tinder, made in the USA from US sourced materials, high quality stuff. So far very happy with their items.

  11. Americans have no idea what is going on in Italian factories. Same chinesey are doing all the work. Made in yellow rat bastard. Still feels better then it’s 101% yellow rat. We created a monster out of China, they taking over the world. Very quietly without beating the drum unlike our ghetto friends.

  12. Don’t even bother posting this “sale” next season — I have more in my closet then the amount of clothes that they had to sell — any the robot at the desk saying “hello”… really?

  13. Beggar, please put a thread up for the Ralph Lauren Sample sale that starts today.


    Ralph Lauren sample?

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