The News Sample Sale

— Wed, 15th May 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 9.08.27 AMThursday through Saturday, 5/16-5/18, The News Showroom is hosting its seasonal sample sale featuring some new and longstanding brands, including White Mountaineering (pictured), Folk, Cheap Monday, Highland, Common Projects, Clu, Destin, …

The News Sample Sale – 495 Broadway btw Broome & Spring, 5th Fl – 10am-6pm Daily – 212-925-9700 – Map

  1. Does anyone know how this is, and what type of common projects their carrying?

  2. Almost all the Common Projects are size 42. Several pairs of tournament lows, a few wingtips, couple achilles, and a boot or two. Tim Coppens is completely gone.

  3. cp’s were all $175 from what I saw. Most looked a tad worn. There were also Folk shoes.

    There was one rack of Folk clothing, mostly shorts in assorted (normal) sizes as of 3pm this afternoon. Tons of Cheap Mondays pants, all sizes. Most pants were $40. There was a $10 bin as well.

  4. Black Shell Toe Los, Brown and black suede cap toe los, blue and brown(?) Suede chukkas, brown officer derbys, black work boot, uh….I think that was it. Almost all size 42, except for the shell toes (46), the work boots (45), and I think one of the chukkas were 45 as well. Pretty much only one pair each.

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