Hickoree’s Rummage Sale

— Thu, 13th June 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 1.43.20 PMThis is big. Friday and Saturday, 6/14-6/15, Hickoree’s is hosting its second annual rummage sale, including tons of samples from Stanley & Sons, Left Field, Battenwear, 8.15 August Fifteenth, and The Hill-Side. “The brands’ selections will include tons of stuff from past fall/winter and spring/summer collections,” we’re told.

Also: The first 20 customers on Friday will get a free limited edition letterpress “Hickoree’s Summer Sample Sale” poster.

Hickoree’s Rummage Sale – 109 South 6th St btw Bedford & Berry – 2nd Fl – 12pm-7pm Daily – Map

  1. Kicked ass last year. Will they replenish on Sat?


  2. Hi. Yes we will be replenishing on saturday as well. About twice as much inventory as last time.

    The Hill-Side

  3. Hill-Side: I really hope you are bringing the ties! Bought 4 last year and love ’em! Should’ve gotten pocket square but was too stingy. Can’t do Friday — volunteering — but will be there with bells on Sat…


  4. Hill-Side: I really hope you are bringing the ties! Bought 4 last year and love ’em! Should’ve gotten pocket squares but was too stingy. Can’t do Friday — volunteering — but will be there with bells on Sat…


  5. Wow this sounds like a good one, do they have any size XL?


  6. There’s a mob of perfectly curated Asian dudes holding strong in front of line. They’re basically taunting the rest of crowd knowing that they will snatch everything up.


  7. Without exaggeration, resellers were a major problem last year (for us anyway, thoughI understand if it isn’t an issue for the business).

    Are there any reasonable limits imposed on quantities for purchase? They apparently had some restrictions last year for this but they were not effectively enforced. Some guy literally brought all the remaining ties up to the front (about 40), with 10 or 15 in the same style. He said he intended to wear them so the cashier let him purchase…


  8. Oh, no! Anon. is right about resellers! I was only able to buy four (no complaints) because I was among the earliest folks. I was disinterested in turning over and making a profit.

    I hope this is monitored. Will there be anything left for Sat.?


  9. Andrew: we have hundreds of ties left so it’s far from picked over. We only put out a small amount of what we have so far. We want to be able to spread the wealth through the duration of the sale.

    We’ve also discussed the issue of over-buying and have planned accordingly for it. Thanks everyone. Come on out and pick yourself out some nice stuff.

    The Hill-Side

    The Hill-Side

  10. Oh sorry everyone. I was describing something that took place at the event last year, should have specified!
    @ Hill-Side, thanks for the update. Looking forward to stopping by tomorrow!


  11. The Asians are everywhere!!!! I went to three sales today and they were hoarding everything!!! Ching Chang chu!

  12. Asians are everywhere, and you are the one who went to three sales on a weekday. Haha!


  13. Went in the afternoon on the first day and didn’t see much. It’s about 5 small racks filled with odds and ends of past seasons. I did see a great selection of their ties, and scarves but they all seemed to be full price still. Where was the sale?

  14. My apologies for earlier post. It was silly and not particularly funny even. “Asians,” the Japanese in particular, have contributed to much of what I like about fashion, especially the resurgence of heritage brands, and creating well-crafted, thoughtful and highest-quality products. Pardon my temporary lameness.


  15. This is in response to anon’s post above. Our sample sale prices are 75% off our retail prices that we normally sell them for. We have over 500 Hill-side pieces remaining so come on down.

    Sample sale pricing:
    Ties, Bow ties and Scarves: $25
    Pocket Squares and Bandanas: $15

    The Hill-Side

  16. Not as amazing as last year, but these guys are the salt of the earth. I’d like to come back to see the whole line…

  17. i was born and raised in brooklyn and i am heterosexual. are bowties going to work for me?

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