Isaia Napoli Sample Sale

— Mon, 24th June 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 2.33.01 PMTuesday through Friday, 6/25-6/28, Isaia’s official sample sale is going down in lower mid-town. Expect up to 75% off the highest quality suits, sport coats, shirts, ties, knits, trousers, … Reaction to the last event was mixed.

Official Isaia Napoli Sample Sale – 225 5th btwn 26th & 27th – Tues-Thurs 10am-7pm, Fri 10am-1pm – Map

  1. From the Facebook page:

    Just in time for father’s day, luxury Italian, sartorial menswear brand ISAIA NAPOLI is hosting a sample sale….. take advantage of getting these hand tailored men’s duds at discount prices up to 75% off while you can.

    Beautiful lightweight wool charcoal suits with a blue deco stripe, classic grey pinstriped suits, and bolder window pane patterned suits that normally retail for $3,100 will now be avail for as low as $895. Two-button notch lapel jackets all paired with flat front patnts – these suits are the steal of the century!

    Lightweight, water and wrinkle resistant cashmere sport coats that retail for $3,395 will be sold at $795

    100% cotton blue pinstriped and solid white shirts will be reduced from $395 to $130

    225 5th Avenue (between 26th/27th streets, closest subways are R, W and 6 to 28th Street) NYC, NY 10001

    Sale Hours:
    June 14th – June 18th
    Monday-Thursday: 10am-7pm
    Friday: 10am-1pm

  2. 14th through the 18th on the Facebook page? I guess this is from last year. Anyways, I was really looking forward to this sale. I thought the jackets were 695 (not 795). Can anyone confirm in the morning?

  3. The post above is DEFINITELY OLD!!!!
    Sale starts TODAY, June 25 at 10 am until THIS Friday, June 28 at 1pm.
    Suits w/ a black hanger (NON-BASICS): $895. Basic suits-Red Hanger-$995
    Shirts, down from $425/$450 to $145.
    Aqua cashmere Coats-$900

    Most inventory I’ve ever seen at an Isaia sample sale.
    ESPECIALLY-48-50-52 in Regular…but ALL sizes are represented.


  4. Pricing:



  5. No line now. If you’re a 48 not much left. It’s mostly suits not that many overcoats. If you’re 50+ there’s still stuff for you. Today I asked if there will be any restocking, staff is saying no.

  6. How about cashmere sport coats? I like those check jobs.


  7. Are the suits/sportcoats mostly “S” model, or is there any merchandise in the Gregory or Dustin models?


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  9. Although there was some nice merchandise in some of the other sizes, I was really disappointed with the sale. For starters, most of the stuff was mediocre at best. I always thought Isaia was known for their superior fabrics, but most of what I saw was not any better than BB, and could have actually been much worse. The shirts and sweaters, also, nothing special. Even if you do see something you like, expect to fork it over. $145 for basic dress shirts, $995 for basic suits, I think I’ll pass. Even if they are restocking, I think I’ll pass on the prices and have to shuffle through disorganized selection

  10. anon, I noticed the same thing.

    The merchandise seemed noticeably sub-par. Fabric felt cheap. Is it possible that Isaia is doing the same thing as Gilt Groupe and trying to pawn off inferior goods at the same price?

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  12. Many of the garments for sale today were overstock pieces that were made in China for the employees. Hence why anon encountered mediocre stuff.

    Tom Ford does the same thing with their employee suits. All China origin

  13. Spoo, did they say which items/sizes they’ll be restocking? DETAILS!!!!?!?!?!

  14. Geno, what the hell are you talking about that the stuff is made in china, I bought a leather bomber jacket yesterday at the sale which was 3900 retail, it says made in italy. Maybe shitty tom ford makes some of his crap in china but that doesnt mean that Isaia makes their stuff in china, and anyway all tom ford is doing is just copying the italian style of many years of history and craftsmanship. Go to the isaia sale tommorrow and tell the guys from isaia that are running that sale tommorrow that their stuff is made in china, see what they’ll say, they’ll probably puke on your wanna be hip ass!

  15. i would also like to know what theyre restocking. can anyone spill the beans? any more navy suits in 38r?

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  17. i love napoli clothes! i drove all the way from ohio to check them out after reading this blog! keep up the exceptional work! also, congratulations to jelly and spoo and the other readers who purchased these exceptional clothing items.

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  21. All suits at the Isaia sale will be at 90% tomorrow for the final day.

    Shoes are 85% off

  22. Ties were the best deal here. Lots of navy grenadines for $45


  23. Can anyone please confirm if there there still suits/jackets left in 38/48R? Is tomorrow set to be 90 percent off on suits/jackets?

  24. Yeah they had a couple 38 stuff left. And these sales always hit rock bottom prices on the last day

  25. Last day is Friday and prices will be reduced then.

    Very limited on shoes.

  26. You people have a really bizarre definition of racism…there is nothing racist in this thread at all.


  27. Do they usually do markodowns 1st thing in the morning? Also, whats the stock like as of last night?


  28. Anything left in size 36/46. Also is it 90% today or not until tomorrow?

  29. Can anyone confirm on the 90% reduction? Also, does that include other items, or just suits?

  30. Tomorrow these hopefully fall in my price range.. Does anyone know if they had 38/48 still on stock? I would like to get at least 1 suit or jacket.

  31. Tomorrow they finally fall in my price range, hopefully. Can anyone confirm if they still have 38/48 in stock. I would like to walk away with just 1 quality suit!


  32. spoke with PR – all new restock today. most new inventory will be in 38/40/42 (aka 48/50/52) sizes. 90% off most inventory.

  33. Definitely not 90% off suits. Just stopped by and basic suits are 895, the rest are 795 (both down $100 from yesterday). Was hoping for something more significant – passing on buying anything for the second Isaia sale in a row. May stop by again just before 1PM to see if there are any last minute markdowns, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  34. Thank you for the helpful update. Did you notice if in sportcoats for size 42 there was a restock? And also what were the prices on sportcoats?

  35. Can’t remember – want to say $650? Although it may have been $500 actually. Not sure if there was a restock but there was plenty of 42/52. Definite lack of outerwear in 54 unless I missed something, though.

  36. JS and Xx are both me by the way. Apparently I have a two different names on my phone vs. on my computer.

  37. THsi was my 1st isaia sample sale, a little disappointing. I was expecting 90% off oso that might be why. Shirts were $90, Ties were $50, Pocket squares were $35, polos were $70 (real bummer bc I woulda loved an isaia polo), Sneakers, although all nasty looking, were $50, the one cool pair of green chukkas there were $75 but someone else got them. and thats all I really remember.

  38. Tom, I got the green chukkas – they’re awesome. goodyear welted, fatta a mano. Now I just need to figure out what to wear them with…

  39. Yeah that was a pretty cool buy- wear them in good health man. I didnt think any of the other pricing was so great honestly. You had to havein minf that you are going to spend a lot if you want to come out with anything at this sale.

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