Duncan Quinn Sample Sale

— Wed, 31st July 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 5.51.15 PMThrough Sunday, 8/4, downtown atelier Duncan Quinn is hosting a rare sample sale featuring up to 75% off handmade suits, jackets, and shirts. “Shirts (usually $320+, so they told me) were $150 (or three for $125 each), and blazers and suits were 50% off,” a tipster told us, adding, “Meh.”

Duncan Quinn Sample Sale – 76 Kenmare St btw Mulberry & Mott – 212-226-7030 – Map


  1. This blazer is actually part of the sale.

    Anon—and on and on!

  2. is that blazer the ugliest thing a white man could ever wear… discuss?


  3. @2 Fair enough. If you’re 6’2″ and black, wear it with some red or purple jeans and sockless loafers and you’re golden. If you’re 6’2″ and white (especially if you’ve got a reddish flush), you’ll merely inspire in others the irresistible urge to throw things at you.

    @3 Yes. The flyer says it’s a moving sale (moving to Kenmare).

    Anon—and on and on!

  4. I went there on the first day. What do you know. IT WAS CLOSED.

    Never went back.


  5. Anon…I feel U 100% as I am the first Cat U described and I can and do wear many of Duncan Quinn’s designs, since 2002 actually…he had a Bordeaux linen suit that he said looked atrocious when a certain ilk tried it on…I wear it and all I ever receive are compliments because, well, I guess Black meshes nicely with most colors…

    Jimi (Ice) Mac…Connecticut…

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