Proper Cloth Sample Sale

— Wed, 17th July 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 11.25.29 AMThis Saturday, 7/20, Proper Clothnamed GQ’s “favorite online custom shirtmaker” — is hosting another sample sale featuring deep discounts on wide-spreads, spreads, points, button downs… All shirts are $40 — down from $100-$250. “It’s going to be huge,” a rep promises.

As always: Mention “The Beggar” at checkout, and get your first 2 shirts for $20 each!

Proper Cloth Sample Sale – 481 Broadway, 4th Fl – 10am-6pm – Map

  1. I picked up two shirts there this winter- one fit me like a glove. Definitely will be there this Saturday.

  2. Anyone know what sizes they’ll have? @Funboys, what sizes did you get? (I wear a 15.5×36, so hoping they have tall sizes.)


  3. They had shirts in those sizes at the last one, but not many. The selection for 15.5, 34’s was great.

  4. Are they going to have standard sizes or weird custom fits?

  5. Planning to take a look there – I wear 15-33 too so hope they have a nice selection.

  6. It’s worth the trip. They let you try the shirts on and they don’t blink upon mentioning the discount.

  7. There is a tremendous lack of originality in these shirts, but if you’re looking for banker basics…

  8. Agreed with the lack of fun or originality in these shirts. Very basic…but I picked up two because of the Beggar discount to use as fill-ins for the wardrobe.

    FYI, this is a cash only sale. This was NOT mentioned on the signage at ground level (stupidly) but will probably have been corrected by now. I know I complained…


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