Theory / Helmut Lang Sample Sale

— Mon, 22nd July 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 6.41.57 PMThrough Thursday, 7/25, Clothingline is hosting its semiannual Theory and Helmut Lang sale featuring tons of samples and irregulars.

Clothingline – 261 W 36th St btw 7th & 8th Ave, 2nd fl – 2120947-8748 – Tues 11am-8pm, Wed-Thursday 11am-7pm – Map

  1. OK so its roughly 65% women’s, 35% men’s. Suit Jackets only in size 40. Large selection of sweaters, trousers, khakis, dress and casual shirts.

    Jackets/Coats $100
    Pants/Shorts $50
    Sweaters $50
    Shirts $45

    OK sale, the standard for Clothingline Theory. not nearly as good as Theory’s company store sale

  2. Re: MENS. Blazers are $40 which is a steal actually. Most looked new or flaw-free samples. Be wary of the tees which they have inexplicably marked/tagged up to $195/225. I’m pretty sure Theory men’s tees top off at $65 in stores. They probably did this in order to sell them at their bottom price of $18. Shady indeed.

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