Barneys Warehouse Sale

— Wed, 21st August 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 12.31.11 PMYou can already shop Barneys Warehouse Sale online. If you want to get your hands dirty, though, the physical sale starts tomorrow, 8/22 (at the Metropolitan Pavilion!) — and goes through 9/2. As longtime readers know, you never crack your wallet on Day 1. We typically hold out until the serious markdowns take effect toward the end of the event. Whenever you visit, stay focused with a wish list, and stick to your sizing sections — It’s a jungle in there.

Barneys Warehouse Sale – Metropolitan Pavilion – 125 W. 18th St btw 6th & 7th – 212-463-0071 – Aug 22-Aug 23 8am—9pm, Aug 24-Sep 1 10am-8pm, Mon Sept 2 10am-7pm – Map

  1. Every year, someone has posted that the current incarnation of the Barneys warehouse sale has been the worst on record, and every year I’ve scoffed as I come up with some great finds.

    That being said, this year’s sale is the worst of all time.

    Since launching the, the powers that be have withheld all the designer brands from this sale. Gone are the days of discount Crockett and Jones–the only men’s shoes offered are in house COOP brand.

    There are a few good outerwear and tailoring options to be had, but they are few and far between. Denim is also fairly well stocked, but nothing that exciting there either.

    They are very light on the shirting and knits as well.

    I probably won’t head back to the sale anytime soon,


  2. agree completely. This is the first time in ten years I won’t be heading back after looking on day 1.


  3. I have to disagree. I went last night and scored some of the best deals I’ve gotten at the BWS. The Blue Star Clearance rack was PACKED w/ scores, I can’t imagine what it looked like when the doors opened. Michael Bastian mainline shirts for $25. Got a nice pair of Lanvin pants for $52. Gorgeous Piombo jackets for $179 (from $2400.) It got to the point where I couldn’t carry everything. Agree on the shoe selection, straight junk. Can’t comment on anything else b/c it took 1.5 hours to just go through the clearance! In recent years there was hopefully a rack of Blue Star. This year it was an entire section. How can you complain when it’s 75% off the LAST price? That’s practically giving it away. Solid Barney’s blazers for $150 from near $1500. Adam Kimmel/Carhart trousers for around $16. Saw a few Margaret Howell trousers for $48 from $460. In hindsight I would’ve taken the day off ;).

    Well Well////

  4. I dunno, guys…when I think Barney’s Warehouse Sales, I think the traditional: Boglioli at discount, great shoes, exceptionally lovely shirts. Instead, I’m seeing still overprices Barneys label stuff. TONS of it. There were a handful of several season past ISAIA suits, but they looked like they were crumpled in the corner of someone’s closet who suddenly decided that it was time to “sell their investment.” Not worth it.


  5. I agree with mostly everybody here. Long that many finds, just a bunch of Barney’s menswear. I remember they used to have boxes of handkerchiefs, all I found were two Alexander Olch pocket rounds. They had lots of Incotex Red cargos as well.

  6. For those going tomorrow, can you please provide some update on the prices on the blazers?

  7. most blazers were 300-600. The ‘bluestar’ ones are 75% off. Seems as though those are hit or miss- and that stock moves quickly.
    Hope this helps

  8. Thanks for the response chiseler, but I wanted to know whether there are any additional markdowns. Had my eye on this blazer but couldn’t justify buying it at the price last week.

  9. No extra markdowns as of today at 4:00 other than the blue star stuff

  10. Anything of note from Chelsea Passage (housewares) — Fornasetti, Kartell, etc.?

  11. any markdowns yet? Went yesterday things are probably cheaper at the outlet at woodbury. What a joke.

  12. Stopped by today. Bluestar selection was not impressive. Left without buying anything. Was hoping new location would re-energize the sale but alas that wasn’t the case. For me, not worth the trip.

  13. Man, I might get out of work early today and would love to stop by but if theres no discount by 1 Im gonna be so pissed!

  14. Is the inventory online the same as the inventory in the physical warehouse sale? I’m seeing pretty big price discrepancies on very similar items (but not sure if they are the same without seeing the online stuff in person). For example, Barney’s blazers are $499 in the physical location (black label, made in Italy by Caruso) while the one online (also made in Italy) is going for $179. A ruby Sartorio of Napoli blazer with the same retail price is going for $899 in the physical location, but $449 online.

  15. Got a bunch of stuff here today. It’s not as good as previous years, but got lucky anyway. Scored a pair of Incotex super 150s trousers that were priced at 299, but scanned at 129!

  16. 30% off men’s shirts and accessories. No discounts on pants, suits, etc.

    It’s just bad…..

  17. How is this even possible? Does Barneys want the warehouse sale to end due to lack of attendance? At this time last year, we have been well into deeper markdowns in the 50% off range on accessories and god knows what else.

  18. Mens button downs, dress shirts, sweaters, and knits – 50%, sportcoats and suits 30%, accessories (not ties) 30%. Nothing on pants. Don’t remember shoes but there was not much left. Blue star was empty at 11am.

  19. all in all i wonder what the vets of the sale would say. i’m relatively new to this whole world.

    today, i saw plenty of gitman made in usa button downs for less than $40 and some zegna button downs for $50. seems ok.

    fwiw, the only barneys label sportcoats i found were white labeled – made in canada by jack victor, i believe.

  20. That explains why there were no deep discounts, I thought it was over on the 2nd.

  21. Multiple sites including Racked and Mizhattan have it as being over on the 2nd. Thanks for the speculation, Jojo.

  22. went last night. blue star is no 90% off. and more shoes were put out. good luck!


  23. only one week to go before end. stopped in today. new outerwear was added, along with additional footwear.


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