Bespoken Sample Sale

— Wed, 14th August 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 12.08.54 PMThursday through Saturday, 8/15-8/17, Bespoken is hosting its semiannual sample sale featuring up to 75% off shirts (now $45-$80); shoes (now $100-$150); trousers (now $50), knits (now $30-$60;) blazers (now $120-$175); jackets (now $80-$15); … These events are typically well received by readers.

Update: Friday before 12 noon (about when a new shipment of stock is expected to arrive!), Bespoken is graciously offering shoppers an additional 10% off all sales when they mention “The Beggar” at checkout.

Bespoken Sample Sale – 50 East 57th St btw Park & Madison, 6th Fl – 9am-7pm Daily – Map

  1. Great sale, great staff. No changing room (not a big deal). A lot of mediums, and they are supposedly receiving more things this afternoon.

    Shirts – 50, blazers – 125, fall coats – 190, ties- 25, pocket squares – 10, shows -120, grab boxes 25 and 50. turnbull and asser cashmere sweaters for 100

  2. concur with Tony, great sale, bigger than last November. Bigger selection of ties/squares/shoes and boots. I love these guys and the staff is really helpful. The T&A cashmeres are mostly vests not sweaters though, but they have some really nice wool T&A cardigans for $100, plus their own sweaters for $65. I plan to go back tomorrow after they restock a little.

  3. Great stuff and selection. Their $25 rack has some steals. $25 for a pea coat?? Yes please. Friendly staff too. Above poster – lots of smalls when I was there.

  4. agreed with the people above.. a whole box of $25 and $50 dollar items.. the $25 dollar box is full of samples but if you can find something that fits you, its definitely a steal.

  5. copped me a fly hoodie and some velvet pants. Going back for shoes tommorrow with this 10% password. Lookin fresh for the fall!

  6. In addition to the awesome selection and fair prices, the staff working the event was really polite. I ordinarily ‘endure’ sample sales for the deals, but the floor crew today was pleasant and helpful. I might go back tomorrow with the password to get a cashmere sweater.

  7. Scooped a Turnbull and Asser cashmere cardigan for $100. Mentioned the beggar as where I saw the info, which they were happy about.

    Also echo the sentiments- the staff are really nice.

  8. Went yesterday and picked up a shawl sweater (65, M) and a knitted tee (35, M). Like people mentioned, staff were great and there was still a good selection of Smalls/Mediums. A lot of pants 30,32,34 too.

    (bow)ties 20, ok selection.
    There were a few overcoats (195?) that weren’t listed in the description

  9. quality of clothes is terrible, i dont know what the hubbub is.

  10. Got a brand new Italian made blazer for $25. Some knit ties for $20. Rihanna is tone-deaf on this matter. Shirts are made at the Turnbull and Asser factory. Doesn’t get much better quality than that lol

  11. Is your name really Rihanna? I’m not sure anyone can take you seriously if you are named after her. 🙁

  12. Great sale – shirts and shoes are steals and good quality. Good for casual wear.

  13. Anon you have to be blindest of the three mice! Italian made blazers, Trurnbull & Asser factory made shirts and Italian made shoes. Plus everyone knows sample sales have, in most cases, the ‘leftovers’ of what didn’t move well in retail. So a bit of less-than-par merchandise is to be expected! Blind mice need to be in the subway during a hurricane so they can be swept away with all the other garbage.

    -jefe de Los menswear en Los estados unidos gueyyyyyy

    Jefe de Los menswear

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